Bunt Tip of the Day – Top Playoff Cards To Chase

With the playoffs just a few games away, we already know some of the best cards that should be stocked in your sheet to ensure you have the firepower to compete within the rapidly declining amount of baseball games played per day. It will be in your best interest to get the cards you will need, and they are going to increase in value as the playoff picture gets more clear every day. Here is a primer for chasing the best cards.

Clayton Kershaw

It should come as no surprise that Kershaw is at the top of the list, as he has been the best player in baseball all year. Although the Dodgers havent locked up a division win quite yet, its likely that they will soon. Even if they dont win the NL West, they will be the Wild Card. Lets just hope that they are assured a longer series by winning the division, because the one game playoffs can be unpredictable. Kershaw’s golds have been trading like inserts since release, and his Black Boost is basically unattainable. Start chasing silvers if you dont have enough of the golds by now.

Jeff Samardzija

I really think that the As are going to be able to come out of the Wild Card when all is said and done, and the combo of Shark and Lester is going to be a good one for the As. When Garret Richards went down, I was convinced that the Angels were done, but they pulled it out. This leaves the As with an uphill battle, despite having a great team. I think the Fire Boost Samardzija is a top card right now for this reason, and if they are able to win the playoff game, it will be very much worth your time to pick up.

Adam Wainwright

Even though Waino has had a bit of a struggle through last month, he has come around to finish strong. The thing is, he is a GREAT playoff pitcher and in the last three games he has pitched an average of 8.5 innings with 1 ER. Looks like he is back on the ball. I would pick up what you can.

Max Scherzer

Although Scherzer hasnt exactly been lights out as of late, he is going to be a valuable part of the Tigers’ pitching staff and has huge potential for big strikeout games. The great thing is that its easy to tell when he is off, and you can pull him before it gets ugly. That is a valuable thing to have. If the Royals are able to overtake the division lead, im not someone to bet on Detroit against Oakland or even Seattle in a 1 game playoff. I just dont have that confidence in them right now.

Chris Tillman

Here is the crazy stat of the day – Tillman hasnt given up more than 3 ER in a start since at least the end of July. he has had at least 6 Ks in 7 of his last 10 starts. That’s pretty good stuff for a guy on a team that has clinched the division. I would go hard for his golds and fill your sheet with a lot of his stuff. The Orioles could go deep.

Im excited for the Baseball post season, not only because it is going to be a lot less work watching one game at a time, but also because it is going to be a blast with the quality of the teams involved. Hell, the pennant chase is just as entertaining to watch, as there is still a lot of mystery to who will eventually end up playing.

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