Gridiron Unwrapped – New Huddle Inserts 9/19

It has been a LOOOONG week in Huddle this week, and I am seriously starving for the way things started out. Now that we are getting a different picture of how the inserts are going to look, I am not sure how invested I can be after seeing the ideal state. Either way, here are some thoughts on how these cards will perform under the current state.

SR Rob Gronkowski Signature Series Card


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322

I was seriously afraid of this. Using the existing headshot and slapping the sig template on top is not the way I would have done this. At least go back to the black background and add some glow like we saw on some of the other inserts. I think its obvious that Huddle is being overly cautious, but this is not making the most of your lemons. Not a fan, and really unhappy about this one. Regardless of how I feel, its pretty clear that people will want it because it is a sig and because its Gronk.

SR Colin Kaepernick Golden Moments


Collectability: Strong
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322

This is the way I would have expected the sig to turn out, with a focus on making this look as close to the original intent as possible. I could live with this for the time being, knowing that there is nothing else that can be done.

SR Devin Hester Milestone Commemorative Card


Collectability: Extreme
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322

At 100 copies, there are close to none of these cards around, and that should be pretty much the driver here. Hester had a great game last night, and this is his only card so far. It will likely be joined by a POTW card, and its likely that card will be nice too. The problem is Hester wont be all that involved in the Falcons offense, and his card will only score on those KO and PR that dont get fair caught or kicked out the back of the endzone. All that being said, this is another example of why the mug shot cards are so bad. Hester looks awfully upset, haha.

SR Jay Cutler 3x Black Boost


Collectability: Strong+
Playability: football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322football-helmet-psd42322

This is about as timely as it gets. Cutler will be playing on Monday night, and that means these boosts will be quite the card to have in your collection around that timeframe. I picked up two just in case he has a nice game, and with the mug shots, they are going pretty cheap. Also doesnt help that there are 500 of them. Nice ploy to get people to buy some packs, as the boost packs did have some nice cards. But man, its just not the same.

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1 Response to Gridiron Unwrapped – New Huddle Inserts 9/19

  1. Dan says:

    I pulled a Hester and traded it for the Kaepernick & Cutler.

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