Bunt Tip of the Day – Post Season Bunt Update

I cant believe the season is already about over, as I remember back in April when this all started. It has been a wild ride for sure, one that has been both up and down. To think, since that time, I have posted close to 200 articles on this site. That is not something I expected to do.

If you havent updated the app recently, you havent seen the new splash screen that celebrates the new post season phase of Bunt. Its clear that there are going to be some crazy chases going on starting with the beginning of the playoffs, here are some expectations I would take into that blitz.

Post Season Sets

Last year, Bunt released a set of cards for each team that was in the post season. These cards had a new look and were only available in packs during the playoffs and most of the off season. From the screen shots now attached to the app store, we can see that there are going to be more of these come October, if not earlier.

What is still left to be determined is the the way the cards will be released. There is no indication as of late as to whether or not they will be rare inserts, easy inserts, or just as common as some of the rarer base. Based on what we are seeing with Bunt over the season, im guessing its going smaller sets of inserts that will run the whole spectrum of extremely rare to easy.

My bet is that the rarest card will be 250 copies and the most available will be 2000-2500. That means there will be a big reward in play for collecting all the cards.

Reward Sigs and Other Set Collection Rewards

Last year, there were boost signature cards that were given out for collecting all the post season sets, and I would guess it will be similar this year. One can hope that they are going to be giving out fire boost sigs, but its still unforeseen at this point. My only objection to this is the amount of time these cards will be playable, as its clear that many wont be released until the teams are already out of the playoffs. At that point, it would almost be better just to offer them as regular sigs.

Of course, all of that could change if 2014 cards are playable in 2015, but I doubt that will be the case.

In addition to the rewards for collecting the post season sets, there will also be playoff themed golden moment and other similar releases. We have already seen a “Farewell Captain” set, and I would guess there will be other cards that celebrate the history of the playoffs along the way.

Points Chase


Last year, the one and only Lee Obrien won the whole thing, but I was not around the app enough to understand how the post season points chase worked. Im guessing it was similar to huddle, where the top players from each team played each other in a bracket style tournament, which may be back for another year.

However, with Bunt growing exponentially this year, its likely that there will be additional elements that stem from the entire community playing along. Dont check out just because you are not at the top.

The prize for both Huddle and Bunt last year was getting your own card, and I hope its back again. Its an honor that everyone should chase, and I dont think there are many that wouldnt want to be memorialized in the game they love. I know I would love it.

Bottom line, the Playoffs are going to be awesome, and I cannot wait for everything to start. Even though I have been engrossed in Huddle over the last few weeks, no one can avoid playoff fever for very long. Its just too exciting.

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1 Response to Bunt Tip of the Day – Post Season Bunt Update

  1. nomadfromcincy says:

    I am expected they might use the “tickets” to play that they have used in Huddle recently for short-term points competitions.

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