Huddle Tip of the Day – How Accurate Are Card Counts?

If there is one thing we all know, its that the action shot cards are going to be rare. Same goes for some of the inserts where the release came the day of or the day before the trouble that was two Mondays ago. The question is whether or not the card counts are correct, or if there is a pending update that will make the count an accurate portrayal.

Here is my theory:

There is either a deliberate lack of update to these card counts because of the issues facing the app, or there is just a longer list of priorities that are preventing the counts from updating. Considering that some of the cards were only in packs for a few days, it is definitely within the realm of possibility that the counts are correct. However, considering how many packs were likely opened on that Sunday with the huge insert releases, Im not buying it 100%.

Secondly, people are claiming that the lack of available users on the trade screen shows that there are little to no copies of the green, red and silver action shot cards, but I am not necessarily buying that 100% either. You never know until Huddle says something.

Value of the Rare Base Cards:

Bascially, these cards are needed to complete at least 4 to 5 award sets each, and that makes them worth about 5-7k coins a piece. Outside of that, many of them have very little value as a card by themselves. Because so many users will want to complete sets, they will trade like rare inserts, but I am not a person that is willing to make that trade. I would much rather keep my sigs and inserts than trade for a card that will get me those coins. Coins are easily replaced, where some of these inserts that people are asking for are not.

Value of the Rare Inserts:

This is where things can get dicey. Jordy Nelson Black Boost is currently sitting at 7 cards, but like mentioned above, im not 100% buying that number. If you are looking to pick one up for points, I would instead chase the golds, which were all over the rookie packs. Having the 3x vs the 2x gold isnt THAT huge a difference to give up a ton to get one of the “7” that are currently available. Doubly so for Jake Locker who is currently pretty banged up.

The Men in Trenches and other cards are on this list as well, as some of the cards ended up being below 10 in the count. I dont think that is unreasonable to believe, but at the same time, Im not a huge fan of these cards. With no real game value outside of rarity, im passing on chasing these too.

As for the Editor’s choice Manning and McCoy, things are a bit different. By collecting these cards, plus Watt, Sherman and next week’s card, you will get a reward, and with so few of the McCoy, it might be awfully tough to get them all unless you are going to give up the moon.

Lastly, when it comes to the Sigs, be very aware of what they represent. The rest of the sig cards are going to look like Gronk. That is not a good thing. The Rodgers and Lynch are great looking cards on their own, but now stand differently because of the action shot. Dont give them up without a fight if you have them. There will not be others like it.


I get that people want to protect themselves, but I am not sure how that is going to work out. Im still waiting on a response back from Huddle on the card counts, but I understand that people arent going to budge unless they find out for sure. Its almost better to wait until that happens before you go chasing the rare base or the rare inserts.

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1 Response to Huddle Tip of the Day – How Accurate Are Card Counts?

  1. futureman75 says:

    I have 8 cards with a card count of 0, I have 6 more that I have 2 of and the card count is 2. The first is obviously impossible and the latter would be virtually impossible. I haven’t made one single trade, and won’t, until some announcement is made.

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