Huddle Tip of the Day: Thursday Throwdown Primer 9/25

With another Thursday Throwdown upon us, this might be the one week where the game boosts are going to be VITAL to even coming close. I am thinking about whether or not I want to participate, but it all depends on the cards. Here are my thoughts on who is worth chasing.

Kirk Cousins

I dont think there were many questions around Cousins’ potential after the last few weeks, and its clear that he needs a huddle card ASAP. He already has a BoH award card from last week, but they score like base and it is almost more valuable to pick up Morris and Garcon before them. Its likely that he will get the 5x game boost for Washington tonight, which might be the most valuable card to chase en masse. With no other boosted cards in the game, it will remain valuable even after it drops back to 2x.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Eli Manning

I am about as confident in Manning as I am in RGIII coming back and playing in this game. Although he played reasonably well last week, he has been a mess for a few YEARS now. Dont let one game fool you. Even if he comes back and has a good game this week too, its not worth chasing him for one night. Save your nice cards for another week.

Verdict: Unimportant

Alfred Morris

If Morris can get back on the horse, I would expect Washington to steamroll the Giants in this game. He has some cards available in both AS and HS, so he shouldnt be tough to locate. Trading for him is another story. Shoot for the HS reds and silvers and walk away stronger.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Victor Cruz and Reuben Randle

These guys have been on and off for most of the first three games, and if Eli cant get his stuff together, these two will be a wasted pickup. Its almost worth focusing more on Washington because I have much more confidence that they will be worth playing cards again.

Verdict: Low Priority

Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson

If they both play, its worth having them on the bench to add into the game. You should have a contingency plan because Jackson has a bum shoulder and may not even play. Garcon should be a nice play if Jackson is out, maybe even if he is not. Lets be honest, the big play potential on Jackson is worth a look.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Rashad Jennings

Here is the thing. Jennings has no cards, and is a prime target for the game boosts. The Giants picked up chunks of yards last week thanks to Jennings and if he is on the sheet as a boost, pick them up. Go for it. He is going to get a good look tonight.

Verdict: Vital Piece

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