Huddle Tip of the Day – Diving Deeper Into the Pack Store

Yesterday was quite the day on Huddle, as they have aimed to release not only the first of the VIP awards and award coins, but also a number of new cards that are treasure troves of points for the gamers out there. I want to take some time to break down the packs and how each person should be approaching them.

Points Players

Best Packs: Boost Pack
Cost: 5000 coins
Cards: 3
Odds: 40% SR 60% SCR
Best cards to chase: Over 2x Boost Cards (Black and above)

If you are a free to play fan, and you only spend your 13000 coins per week, plus what you earn from the weekly helmets, you should not buy any pack other than the Boost pack that is usually released on Monday or Tuesday. Its not because this pack has the black boosts (which ARE nice, dont get me wrong), but because of the odds that are attached to this pack. At 40% SR and 60% boost, you might as well not buy anything else. Even though you can get 5 cards for 4k coins in the other packs, the SR and SCR odds are so far below what they are for the boost packs, that its not even a contest.

Yesterday was the biggest gamer day I have ever seen on Bunt or Huddle. It was like a celebration of Points, as 5 (yes you heard that right), new Black Boosts were released. I will be doing a breakdown later on of which ones are the best, but it should be pretty clear that Murray and Manning are well worth the price of admission. I dropped some serious coin on these packs yesterday and it paid off in spades. Not only did I walk away with 12 black boosts, but more golds and silvers than I could count.

This pack is the best, and if you are looking for an excuse to spend some real money, dont think twice before spending all of it on the Boost packs. There may not be any weekly inserts in them, but if you are a true gamer, that really doesnt mean much.


Best packs: Black Pack
Cost: Varies
Cards: 1
Odds: N/A – 1 insert per pack
Best cards to chase: Signature series / Editor’s Choice

If you are a collector, the Huddle Black Pack is your jam. I was never a fan of it in Bunt because it led so many people to blow up opening that all inserts inside became worthless. In Huddle, the user base of pay to play fans is about 33% of what it is in Bunt, so not as many people will be going nuts and dropping hundreds of thousands of coins on this pack. That means you can pull some nice stuff that will remain valuable.

So far, the top two inserts for collectors to chase are the Sigs, which are obvious, and the Editor’s choice, which are not as obvious. As we have seen, these Editor’s choice cards are close to impossible to pull, and though Watt was very easy, the others have been about as tough as it gets. Same goes for the SR POTW cards, which can be some of the rarest inserts due to how few people open the regular packs over the Boost or Signature packs.

The recent release of other packs like the Plaid pack and the Mystery pack will spur some collecting of these rarer cards, but its not going to be like Bunt. The sigs may have 500 copies, but they trade well regardless. I think that overall, the dynamic of the huddle economy for collectors is still quite the mystery and everyone is trying to figure it out for themselves.


Best Packs: Boost Pack
Cost: 5000 coins
Cards: 3
Odds: 40% SR 60% SCR
Best cards to chase: Gold SR

Okay, I am going to pimp the boost pack again, because its still the best even in this situation. The difference here is the cards that the rookies should be chasing. Even though everyone will want to come on board and immediately be able to trade for sigs and blacks, its not going to be like that. First you need to build a collection.

The reason this pack is so important for rookies is that it provides the best shot at getting cards that score a lot of points. Scoring a lot of points means you can get more coins to open packs and get more cards. More cards equals more trade bait, which means more fun.

DO NOT OPEN THE INSERT SET OR SIG PACKS. Even though the Altitude and Vintage cards are pretty cool looking, you will not get the type of nourishment out of those packs than you will out of the boost pack. With a shot at a black boost, which you can trade for some NICE stuff.

Using a strategic approach to pack buying will give you much more satisfaction than you would expect, and it will ensure that you dont end up with a bunch of cards you couldnt care less about. Just open the boost packs until you run out of coins each week. Trust me on this. Build your collection before diving in elsewhere.


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