Thursday Throwdown Primer – Game Only Boosts Reveal!

This thursday is a big deal, mainly because it is a rivalry game between two teams with no love lost, and because both teams are playing very well. Although injury concerns surrounding Teddy Bridgewater may hamper the Vikings ability to win, they still need to play like its the Superbowl to keep the train moving. Of course, they are going up against two of the hottest players there are right now in Nelson and Rodgers.

Thank you to the team for providing the information ahead of time, and check back every Thursday for an exclusive sneak peak prior to the release of the cards!

Jordy Nelson  – 5x Boost

I dont think there is a Packers player off to a hotter start than Jordy Nelson, and with the Vikings depleated defense, he should have a monster game. Nelson leads the league with 33 receptions, including 3 TDs. He has 5 plays over 20 yards, including a 114 yard per game average. Not kidding, he could have a 4 touchdown night.

Aaron Rodgers – 3x Boost

There might not be another player in the league with as much success against one team than Aaron Rodgers against the Vikings. He has 2840 yards in 12 games, with 24 TDs and 4 INT. That is just nuts. His QB rating is just north of 116. That is dominance defined. Without their starting LB Chad Greenway and the weak safety play from Robert Blanton, Rodgers will go off.

Cordarrelle Patterson – 5x Boost

Patterson is a guy that has the highest KR average in the league right now, and is a dangerous player any time he has the ball. Although he hasnt had many catches, he does have a long TD run in Week 1 and a lot of success against the Packers from last year. Worth a shot at 5x.

Matt Asiata – 3x Boost

Although he has less than 4 yards per carry, he is a nice choice for the 3x boost for a few reasons. First, he has no other cards. That will make him a coveted addition to your collection, because even at 2x he is still valuable for the rest of the season. His 3 scores on Sunday put him near the top of the Fantasy boards, and Green Bay doesnt exactly have a stout rush defense giving up what they did to Forte last week against the Bears.

Other Considerations:

Teddy Bridgewater – A gametime decision on his ankle prevented him from being one of the game only boosts, but he is still worth picking up for a few reasons. One he looks like he will be back next week regardless of playing tonight, and he looks like his dual threat nature could be very valuable in Huddle points.

Randall Cobb – Although he struggled during the first few games of the season, he had a coming out party last week, and has torched the Vikings in the past.

Eddie Lacy – Lacy has not been able to figure out defenses so far this year, and has been stifled every time he touches the ball. Minnesota’s line and LBs has been weak in the run game, and this could be the time he breaks out.

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