Monday Throwdown – Player Primer

Once again, we come to a close of a week with a pretty interesting game. On one hand we have a Seattle team that is primed for another run at the division title and a deep playoff run. On the other side we have Washington that seemed all sorts of messed up last week in their loss. The NFC East has become all sorts of competitive lately and this game could put it out of reach for the Redskins. Here is how I would chase tonight.

Marshawn Lynch – Seattle 5x Boost

In the opening thursday matchup, he lit up fantasy boards with 2 TDs and over 100 yards rushing. He had another good game last week, and I expect that to continue now that he is playing a defense that will likely be on their heels all night. I would chase the silvers and reds just to get yourself set up nicely.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Percy Harvin – Seattle 3x Boost

Seems like Harvin is the piece of the Seahawks offense that no one can figure out. Not only is he a threat in the passing game, but he can be used all sorts of different ways. Harvin has been a good piece to have all year, and with the Seahawks likely going to get flexed to Sunday night more often, he is a great under the radar pickup.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Kirk Cousins – Washington 5x Boost

I am torn on Cousins because he either looks amazing or horrible. Tonight he has potential to look pretty bad against Seattle’s bump and run defense, and I would be cautious just leaving his cards in play if you can manage to get one. He only has a BoH card so far, so this is a good one to get just because of that reason.

Verdict: Worth picking up

DeSean Jackson – Washington 3x Boost

As a deep threat, Jackson may be able to find some holes in the defense tonight, but its going to rely on Cousins to get him the ball. That’s where he has struggled, as for some of the games he has been a ghost. Interesting to see if his speed can match up against the physical nature of the Seahawks corners.

Verdict: Low priority

Honorable Mentions:

Russell Wilson – because he has so many golds and now 500 BB as well, Wilson may be necessary to pick up just because of what might happen if he scores. You will be left in the dust because everyone has so much of him.

Pierre Garcon – he just got a BB as well, and its worth checking him out because Cousins likes to go to him more than anyone. I still dont think Washington will muster much of a threat.

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