SCAM ALERT: Hide the Black Boost and Loaned Cards Reminder!


Just because I am very aware of the scams, and because I know how these people work, I am not immune to their effects. In the last few days, I have been taken twice by scams, and both times I have felt like an idiot because I should have known better. I want to make sure everyone gets a reminder, because it only takes one moment of distraction.

Hide the Black Boost

On both Bunt and Huddle, Black Boosts are a type of card that really bring out the worst in  people. In Bunt, there arent as many of them, so its easier to keep them on lockdown and not worry about having to deal with this. In huddle, there are just way too many and I felt the brunt of it today.

Here is how it works. In both apps, a scammer will hide the black boost in a bunch of commons in Bunt or red cards in huddle. Because the contrast and design is so similar, its easy to miss them being in there. The scammer will offer a bunch of cards that are worth way more than the commons or the reds and the fan will be so excited that they will hit accept before looking closely.

This happened to me in Huddle today when user JAWZ21 decided he wanted to play the game with me. Being that I was in the middle of something, I hit accept before looking. Wonderful – my Demarco Murray black boost was now traded for a bunch of worthless gold cards that have no playable value. Kickers and lineman. I needed them all, and had a bunch of dupes of the other cards in the trade, so I hit accept before really looking.

I hate people that pull this crap, but this is an aspect of the game that everyone needs to be aware of.


Loaned Cards Scam

Because most of the cards are now given out as a one time award, this issue hasnt been as much of a challenge to turn down because so many of the cards dont give instant awards any longer.

What happens is that the user will ask to borrow the card for the award. Instead of trading it back, they walk away and either lock it, or trade it to another account so you cant access it any more.

For me, I had two of a card that wasnt really playable, but came with a big award. I loaned it out with collateral to another user, and when I traded away my second, he wouldnt give me the card back at all. Yeah, that sucked.

I have never really had an issue with this in the past, but I have also been extremely cautious in loaning out cards. I thought I would give someone the benefit of the doubt and look what happens. I also didnt take collateral that was worth the card if he did walk away, so that’s on me. Luckily a user was nice enough to hook me up because he had a few of them and was extremely nice.

Lesson is that you should never loan out cards you arent prepared to lose, and dont do it unless you have comparable collateral to hold until it is returned.

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