Updates to the Digital Card Central Huddle Checklist

With the growing need to keep track of cards for rewards, I have been working extensively to build a sorted checklist that allows you to keep track of your stuff. This checklist not only includes all the Black and Purple Boosts, but also the weekly inserts that have season long rewards attached to them.

The first tab at the bottom is all about the black and purple boosts, as well as their reward Oranges that have been delivered to date. This is updated with each new release and also displays my perception of a value indicator for how those cards may be traded on the game. I realize that some of the cards at a 5 are not comparable to other 5s within the game, but its hard to have a scale that represents everything with the wide range of collectablity. Some are extremely rare and carry value above and beyond their points potential.

The second tab is all about the weekly inserts, to help you keep track of the cards within each set. I did my best to represent value, but like mentioned above, its hard to make it work right. Please let me know if I have made any errors and I will fix immediately.

Hope this is helpful for you all, please do your best to provide feedback and let me know how it can be made better.



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