Huddle Tip of the Day – Collecting Team Sets

Since day one in the new era of Bunt and Huddle, I have always found a lot of fun in chasing down the team sets of base that unlock the rewards given out for completion. Not only is it fun, but it can be extremely challenging. Its easy to find an extreme sense of accomplishment when you complete every set that is available. So, the question is, what is the best way to do it?

Start at the Bottom

One thing that many people miss is that you need to keep at least one copy of every card to get every award. You cant unlock the green award without having all the whites PLUS the greens. This means that you shouldnt try to collect one color at a time, and trade off your singles to get the rest of the cards in the set. You will not be able to claim all the rewards. Instead, I would start by collecting one level at a time, and using your daily, weekly and points chase coin bonuses to buy more packs.

You will also need to trade, and its also likely that you will end up getting duplicates that can help fill out your checklist. Blind trades (random user trades from the master card sheet) are good for lower level base cards, because in all likelihood, many people have multiple copies to trade.

Here is the issue. Because the boosts have become the lifeblood of the trading economy, and those packs only have silver and golds in them, the red, green, and white base cards are in shorter supply than before. So many people are avoiding the other packs in the store that the cards are becoming rarer by the day.

Its also important to understand that there are multiple series to collect. Because players in series two like Carlos Hyde and Antonio Brown werent released at the same time, there will be less of them, and therefore more valuable (see the article in the news feed for the list of players in Series 2).

Lastly, its not essential that you go by team, but more by how many cards you can obtain in each trade. Going by team makes it easier to keep track of awards, but it can also be a million times more tedious.

Choose Your Packs Wisely

If you are looking to build sets, you will need to focus on getting the most cards for your money. I said that the boost packs do not have much value in that respect, but the silvers and golds can be traded down for multiple set cards from lower levels.

Secondarily, its vital that you use your coins to best give yourself the ability to not only compete in the points chase, but also in the set collection game. You dont want to handicap yourself in the points chase, because it will limit your coin rewards at the beginning of the week. Playing a long and finishing high gets you A LOT of coins to use in buying more packs.


Be aware that its hard to get someone to trade a single card away. If someone only has one copy, check the rest of their cards. If its clear they arent a set collector, they might give you a more fair trade on a 1:1 type of deal. If they have a lot of the set base cards, and you are asking for a single, YOU will have to overpay. You should offer multiple cards they dont have to offset the loss of a single they do own, and you shouldnt be surprised if they turn down what you think is a great offer.

Blind trading makes this situation inevitable, which is why I always overpay in every blind trade I do. Its part of how it works.


There are currently rewards for all action shots and all head shot cards in the game. Because some of the action shot cards have a zero card counts, those awards are impossible to get. I would focus as much energy as possible on the head shot team set awards. Here are the payouts:

  • Complete Team Set – WHITE: 500 coins
  • Complete Team Set – GREEN: 750 coins
  • Complete Team Set – RED: 1000 coins
  • Complete Team Set – SILVER: 1250 coins
  • Complete Team Set – GOLD: 1500 coins

A team set is every card for that team on the sheet for both series 1 and 2. Just chase down every card, and you get the award. Again, you will need to have complete sets of the previous levels to unlock the new awards.

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