Throwdown Primer: Exclusive Sneak Peak at Tonight’s Game Boosts!

Another week, another throwdown primer for the points players that are going to take the plunge on some tickets tonight.

Thanks to the Topps team, we will have these exclusive sneak peaks each week!

Julian Edelman – Patriots

He has been having a great year on a WR corps that has not had a lot of big names or big success. 409 yards so far puts him in the top 5, and though he hasnt had the TDs, he has had 40 receptions already. Wow. Also, no cards in the game yet, so he will be a coveted pickup for a lot of Pats fans.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Rob Gronkowski – Patriots

The Gronk looks to be back, especially over the last few games where he has had 4 TDs and averages over 80 yards per. After his lost season to injury last year, and a few slow games to start, Gronk has come on strong enough for him to be a legit consideration for this lineup tonight. Worth a look, especially if you dont have the recent purple boost.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Eric Decker – Jets

The Jets offense has been ABYSMAL but Decker hasnt been terrible. He just needs someone to get him the ball, which makes me curious why he left Denver, haha. If the Jets end up scoring, he will be a guy that catches one of those TDs. Jets are still likely to lose this game by a considerable margin, but someone has to get the ball.

Verdict: Low Priority

Chris Ivory – Jets

I was literally shocked to see Ivory average 4.9 yards per carry this year. Makes me wonder how that has gone unnoticed. He only has 2 TDs, but no other cards in the game yet, so this will be really nice one to have. Again, its not like Ivory is going to be a guy that will be a mainstay in your lineup, but he is worth having for this game, even through Chris Johnson may also get some carries.

Verdict: Worth picking up

Good luck today everyone, this is a big game for the Pats. The potential for a blowout like the other thursday games is a big consideration, but you never know what might happen. The Jets have surprised before.

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