Huddle Tip of the Day – Valuing the Orange Boosts

I play for points, and with the advent of the boost culture, one group of cards still remains VERY valuable. The normal golds score at 2x what a common base card scores at, Black at 3x, Purple at 3.5x and Orange at a mammoth 5x. This means for a points player, the orange boosts are insanely important. But which are the ones to chase?

Demarco Murray

Collection value:CaptureCaptureCaptureCaptureCapture
Play value:CaptureCaptureCaptureCaptureCapture
Count: 258

There is a reason Murray has a black, purple and now orange boost. The guy not only plays for the most popular team in the game, but he also is on a record pace. Although he may not have had the big weeks here and there to get him into the BoH cards, he has scored consistently across the board. I would chase this one 10 out of 10 times. At 258 copies, he is going to take a lot.

Cam Newton

Collection value:CaptureCaptureCaptureCapture
Play value:CaptureCaptureCaptureCapture
Count: 250

QBs that also rush for yards and TDs are very important, because you know that they will score more than just on the yardage for passing. Newton hasnt turned the ball over much, and has played some really nice games after a slower start. He is a popular player, so people will want him.

Matt Ryan

Collection value: CaptureCaptureCapture
Play value:CaptureCaptureCapture Capture2
Count: 283

After people started realizing that collecting the BB was a worthwhile venture, the card counts started to creep up. Ryan is a good one to have, especially because his average TD pass is over 35 yards or something crazy like that. His weapons are too good to pass up and he doesnt turn the ball over.

Matthew Stafford

Collection value:CaptureCaptureCapture
Play value:CaptureCaptureCapture Capture2
Count: 280

Although the Lions are having a great year, the Defense is actually a bigger reason why. Stafford hasnt played terrible, but he also isnt having the season that someone like Manning is having. I think he is definitely worth picking up because they will play well, but only 7TDs with 4 picks is not on that elite level.

Brandon Marshall

Collection value:CaptureCaptureCapture
Play value:CaptureCaptureCapture
Count: 256

Marshall is a popular player, but he isnt that big play type of guy that is going to score from 80 yards out. He is the prototypical yardage and reception machine, and does catch some shorter TD passes in dramatic fashion. Nice card, but he isnt going to be like Julio Jones can be.

Andy Dalton

Collection value:CaptureCapture
Play value:CaptureCapture
Count: 271

The Bengals have played well, but I cant shake the feeling that Dalton is a below average QB. His stats say that he isnt, but he doesnt have that wow factor like we see with Luck or guys like that. He can also throw his fair share of picks, so watch out.

Calvin Johnson

Collection value:CaptureCaptureCaptureCapture
Play value:CaptureCaptureCaptureCapture
Count: 429

Something odd happened with Megatron and the count looks to be awfully high. Either way, he is a good play once he is healthy and eaily one of the most popular players in the game. This will be an easier get if the count stays where it is, but its still worth picking up.

Emmanuel Sanders

Collection value:CaptureCapture
Play value:Capture
Count: 121

I am not sure why Emmanuel Sanders gets the love he does over someone like Demaryius Thomas, but he has a purple and an orange boost at this point. He hasnt performed all that exceptionally, but he always has the potential to burn the defense for a long TD. At 121 copies, he is going to be the rarest non-throwdown orange boost there is.

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