Monday Throwdown Primer 10/20 – Exclusive Sneak Peak at Tonight’s Boosts

Interesting game tonight, no doubt about it. Lots going on with the AFC east, and the Steelers are right in the thick of it. The Texans are already showing improvement over an abysmal 2013 campaign, and their defense has a lot to be proud of.

Here is an exclusive sneak peak at tonight’s game boosts and how they might factor in. Check back every week as the Huddle team has worked with the site to give you the goods on the Throwdowns before anyone else!

Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh 5x

Even though the Steelers have had a mixed bag this year at 3-3, Brown has been consistently awesome. 629 yards and 5 TDs means he has caught all but 3 of his teams’ receiving scores. He is averaging over 100 yards per game, and will be a factor tonight no doubt about it. The question is how much damage he will do.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh 5x

Bell is off to a great start, even though he does not have the TDs he should. Blount has gotten more of the goal line looks because of his size, which leaves Bell with a focus on continuing to pick up yardage to get them in range. That’s fine for Huddle, as yardage machines can easily rack up the points.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

JJ Watt – Houston 5x

Of all the defenders in the league, there are not many I would support getting the love that Watt gets from Huddle. The long and short of it is that Watt puts up points like nobody’s business, and deserves every last bit of it. He is the best there is right now. Now, because the Steelers run the ball as much as they do, Watt will get some chances to make plays. I would have this card ready WHEN not if he gets his big play.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Arian Foster – Houston 5x

This is Houston’s second throwdown, and Foster was a major piece of some of the winners’ lineups last time around. He has 5 TDs and is averaging about 100 yards per game with close to 5 yards per carry. Nice numbers for a guy that was a ghost last year. I would definitely get a few if you can.

NOTE: Foster has already had a 5x boost so be very careful. There may be users who try to trade a 5x from last time and disguise it as a new one. The new boost will NOT have sold out on the card during the game. 

Verdict: Vital Piece

Honorable Mentions:

Ben Roethlisberger – Its hard to see where Ben would be a better choice than Brown, if only because so many of his passes go that direction.

DeAndre Hopkins – Hopkins is a guy that hasnt had good games as of late, with his 3 TDs all coming in games early in the season. Has fallen off a bit.

Andre Johnson – Last throwdown Johnson lit it up, but he is too much of a risk to choose if he is going to be a ghost.

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