Bunt Tip of the Day – Bunt’s Biggest Week of the Year?

Ahh yes, the World Series is upon us. For the next week or two, the long baseball season comes to a close, and with it the Bunt season as well. Although this is a bittersweet time for the app before it goes into its normal downtime for the offseason, I think they are definitely going to go out with a bang. We have already seen a start to the fireworks yesterday, but here is how I am guessing it shakes out.

New Sigs!

We got a dual sig yesterday of Hosmer and Bumgarner for the beginning of the series, but you know it wont be the last one. With the release of the Lorenzo Cain Parallax Sig last week, I would not be shocked if there are a few more on the way. The cards are just too cool for that not to happen.

Post Season Heroes

We have gotten many different post season heroes cards over the last few weeks, and they are some VERY cool cards with the Parallax effect in play. I would expect one per day at least, with each game as important as a whole series. If you have been collecting these cards, you are likely going to be in for a treat.


Like they did with the All Star game in Minnesota, there will likely be a lot of cards that celebrate the history of the Series. Golden Moments, Throwback Thursday Cards, all of the above. With the Giants already having 2 titles recently under their belt, and the Royals having a storied history in the 1980s, I would guess that this wont go untapped.

MVP Cards

Like the ALCS and NLCS MVP cards, there will surely be a Series MVP card with a ginormous award attached to it. Might be one of the biggest cards of the year to chase, and it should not be a surprise if that card ends up being quite rare.

Champion’s Set

In 2013 Huddle and 2013 Bunt, a champions set was created to commemorate the winner. The Red Sox set had some really cool cards in it, and I would guess they will be that much better this year with all sorts of fun stuff to build.

Coin Chases

Last year, there were cards released that paved the way for the next year of the app. Rare inserts focused making the most of the final weeks of the season, all with large prizes that could be won along the way.

Bottom line, this is going to be a bonanza unlike anything you have ever seen before, and I could not be more excited. I am predicting the Giants are going to take this one home but its not going to be easy.

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