New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – World Series Edition

World series week continues, and with it many more really cool cards that have made their way onto the card sheet. Im going to go through them as best I can, and some of them are going to be some of the tougher gets of the entire season.

World Series Triple Signature


Collectability: Extreme

You knew it was going to happen eventually, and I think it turned out very nicely. The horizontal cards are pretty cool, as we saw earlier on, and this one is no different. I think the player selection is nice, although I am sure there will be second card with two Royals and one Giant next time around.

World Series Post Season Set

IMG_0063 IMG_0062

Collectability: Extreme

I love cards with special logos on them, always have. I think it ads pomp and circumstance to a presentation, and the world series set looks awesome. The extra boost attached to these cards are par for the course, so I would definitely factor that in when you trade for them. Im just glad I have advanced notice of this when the Huddle playoffs eventually start.

Topps Anniversary World Series Set

IMG_0064 IMG_0061


Collectability: Strong +

Who can argue when Will Clark gets his first card. I know I cant. I wasnt familiar with the Royals player, and was really disappointed when it wasnt George Brett. More to come I would assume, which means that he should eventually get a card.

World Series Packs

Here is where I have an issue. The post season pack is already a tough pill to swallow, mainly due to the fact that no 5 card pack exists for 6500 coins. Not everyone wants to shell out 12500 coins just to get the post season cards. Even worse, that pack is relatively obsolete now that 90 percent of the cards in the pack are out of the playoffs. To ask 20k for a 1 card pack is about as bad as it gets, as there is no reason why this should cost this much. Paying double (40k) for a 33% chance of getting 3 cards instead of two, but also 33% chance of losing out on a card is an insult to us.  Sure, you could get the jackpot of nine cards, but its not worth the 20k coin risk. You are gambling 10 bucks worth of coins, and its better to take bird in hand than two in the bush with purchasing two 20k single packs.

Dont get me wrong, I said this would be the biggest week Bunt has ever seen, and that is definitely turning out to be the case. Im interested to see what happens next for sure.


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3 Responses to New Bunt Inserts Unwrapped – World Series Edition

  1. Damon says:

    The pack prices are offensive but as long as people continue to purchase, it won’t change.

  2. PezCrew says:

    Something I just realized today that I am very dissapointed in with the Triple Sig – Alex Gordon signed as #7 and Hunter Pence as #3. These are old signatures as I think Gordon was #7 as a rookie and Pence was #3 with the Phillies. Couldn’t Bunt at least have updated these? Just plain rude in my opinion to pack such poor product.

  3. mad_J says:

    Bunt card releases have been awful in my opinion late in the season and now in the postseason. Especially considering the very high prices. In my opinion it’s a ripoff.
    What made me lose my interest in this app was the way the Jayson Werth signature crap was handled. Give those guys who took advantage of the guaranteed signature in the regular signature packs 1 million coins for each Werth sig they traded back to Topps Bunt? That was a joke.
    And well, every single insert since looked ugly. The app got worse over the course of the season.

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