Huddle Tip of the Day – Best of Huddle Gets a Boost

If you are a points player like me, you live for the chase. You watch every Thursday and Monday night even if its a blowout, and you never trade a boost for a good insert in fear that you will miss those points. Your reward? Coins and Best of Huddle cards. The coins are easy to come by, but if you can make it work through the week, some of the BoH cards can be very nice pickups.

Some of the Bunters out there probably have a bad taste in their mouth about these cards because they dont have any value, even for the rarest of the rare. With boosted scoring now at 2.7 per card, they all of a sudden are coveted much like they should be. Top players who come away with awesome weeks can be very much worth their card count, where other players who arent as well known could be duds.

The best part of these cards is that they can be players who have yet to have a card in the game. If you remember back to the Redskins on Thursday night, the Cousins BoH was his only available card. People were fighting over them. Antonio Brown also had a big chase when his BoH Gold (15) was released with 2x boost and no other cards in the game.

With increased scoring for the cards, you can assume that there is a lot in play to get some of the rewards for your sheet. Most players can get into or near the top 500 as long as they can watch all the games and switch out their lineups in real time. Not only will the coins be a big help over the week to follow, but the BoH card will be a points machine most weeks.

One drawback is that you dont know who you are getting until you get it, and that can be difficult to predict. The best player for the WEEK may not be a good player overall, and that might be a killer if you end up with someone not worth having. Then again, you could hit the jackpot, as the top 10 and top 25 this week ended up with Demaryius Thomas and Russell Wilson 2.7x boosts respectively.

Play your cards right and you could end up with some nice trade bait at minimum. Even if you are a casual collector who doesnt like the game aspect as much, the coins alone make it worth playing. Opening more packs = more chances at nice cards.

WINNING WORD = Throwback


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