World Series Unwrapped – Bunt Gives Royals the Celebrity Treatment

Although they are down 3-2 in a very close series, the Royals are still getting the red carpet treatment they deserve across the app. Two cards have been released as of late that are going to get the royals fans cracking packs – both of which are really cool.

Bo Jackson Die Cut Sig 


This is easily one of the coolest cards so far in Bunt, and I really like that both sides are made to be striking in the way they look. For me, the jury is still out on die cut cards in the app, but this one is one I definitely want.

You forget that Jackson played for the Royals during his career, as most remember him as a bruising yet speedy Running Back for the Oakland Raiders. Personally, I remember him as a lab created monster who’s massive hunger could only be satiated with epic quarter long runs on Tecmo Bowl.

Exhibit A:

Regardless, this card will be a huge chase for the rest of the year and could carry well into next year as a valuable card.

Paul Rudd Topps Anniversary Edition


Its no secret that Rudd is a huge Royals fan, and he is also a guy who has been in some of the funniest movies over the last few years. He will still be Brian Fantana to many of the fans out there, as Anchorman was such an iconic role for him. Dont even get me started on the quotes.

I think this is a really cool addition to the game, as I know how tough it can be to get licensing done. Although it isnt directly related to the Royals players, Rudd is definitely one of their most visible supporters.

I cant wait to see what might happen when the Champions are eventually crowned!


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1 Response to World Series Unwrapped – Bunt Gives Royals the Celebrity Treatment

  1. Smada says:

    Still doing winning words? The Bo Card is sick, everyone wants it

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