Final Day of the Bunt Season – Prepping for the End!

This is the last day of the baseball season, and with it, the final day that all 2014 cards will likely be playable. Although there is a guarantee of more cards to be released during the offseason, for the most part this is the end. What does this mean for many of the people who have been invested since day one? Lets break it down.

Trading Today vs Later

If you havent seen a drop off already, as many users have already closed out their 2014, there will be a larger decrease as soon as the season is really over. Many of the gamers will be signing off for the winter come tomorrow, and that will mean less value in many of the cards they covet. If you have one of those cards that you were looking to pick up, now is the time, even if you have to overpay.

Although there are more users playing along this year, it is likely going to mirror last season where the app really died down in user participation come the off season. There are numbered days left, so make them count.

Card Releases

Over the next 3-4 weeks, we are still going to get new inserts, and definitely a lot of commemorative cards. As I posted before, there will be a champions set, plus MVPs, ROY, and all the other awards.

There will also be payouts on a few of the post season sets, and I would guess more fun cards like we saw with Rudd and Bo Jackson, so dont give up quite yet on that.

That being said, its likely that things will die down after that, with a focus on building up the new features for next year, taking some time off for the developers (well deserved I would guess), and making sure that the other apps get some attention too.

Saving Coins

If 2015 is anything like 2014, your coins should carry over to next year. Unless something drastic changes, I doubt that saving coins is going to be a bad idea, and you should still check in daily to get your bonus. They may up the coins to incentivize people to come back, so that will be awesome. I would say that there will be some cool cards to chase, so saving coins is definitely worth your time.

2014 Value

When the 2015 cards are released at the start of next year, they will automatically trump anything from 2014 that will probably no longer be playable. Keep that in mind as you start to clean up your card sheet in preparation for next year. Rare inserts will still be prized, but the dynamic will change. We will have to see how everything works out next year to really find out what the value will be like. If more legacy users come on board for 2015, then 2014 could still have some nice value come next year.

In all reality, Bunt has been great this year, and I have had a blast. Its hard to say goodbye to such a good time.


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