Best of Huddle – 2014 Mid Season Awards

Its crazy how things can change so much over such a short time in the NFL, and now that we are about to embark on week 9, its time to walk through some of the best of the best from the first half of the season.

Huddle MVP – Demarco Murray

Yes, this should not come as any surprise, but Murray is a beast this year. I said in 2012 to my friends that the running back position would never again win the MVP, and I might be wrong. The NFL is a passing league, and rule changes are taking it to a new level. For whatever reason, the Cowboys are content with running Murray until his legs fall off, and that isnt a bad idea when you see their offensive line. His point totals each week are insane, and its all because of his massive yardage. Now if only he could pair it will some comparable TDs, and we would be golden.

Huddle Defensive MVP – JJ Watt

This man has 3 TDs on the year to match his 7 sacks. Yes, one of the TDs was a pass from Fitzpatrick, but holy crap regardless. Watt is slowly becoming one of the most dynamic players in the league, which is saying a lot considering that he is on a Houston team which has only managed 4 wins so far. Huddle doesnt lend itself as well to defense, mainly because Red Zone channel runs on offensive scoring. If you are a Texans fan who watches every game, you have played Watt all day.

Huddle Card You Must Play Every Drive He Has – Peyton Manning

Again, no surprise, as somehow Manning continues to turn back the clock on a weekly basis and throw 300 more yards with 3 more TDs. You just cannot deny that he is likely going to end up as one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. The title would have already been put on his shoulders had he won two more rings, but that doesnt mean this isnt his year. His point totals have been amazing, and being in the afternoon games makes him the guy you must have.

Huddle Single Game Performance of the First Half – Ben Roethlisberger

I am not a Big Ben fan. I dont like him on the field or off the field, but that doesnt take away from his 500 yard, 5 TD performance last week. To put up those kind of numbers happens once in a career, and he has figured out how to do it twice. Bravo.

Biggest Surprise of the First Half – TY Hilton

I think TY Hilton has always had potential, but I dont think anyone expected him to lead the league in receiving. The Colts have played out of their mind, mostly thanks to Luck – but he wouldnt be there without having a guy like Hilton to throw to.

Biggest Disappointment of the First Half – Jay Cutler

This is the topic du jour on every NFL talking head show, and no one can figure out what is going on with the Bears. What people dont get is that their defense isnt all that great, and it puts too much pressure on the offense to perform. That being said, when you have Marshall, Jeffrey, Forte and Cutler, you shouldnt have an issue. Well, they are not doing well, and its clear that Cutler is the goat.

Chris Johnson Memorial Huddle Ghost Award – Johnny Manziel

If you are trying to find Johnny Manziel on the field so far, good luck. He has been a ghost on the field, despite huge hype – not anything that is really his fault. Hoyer is playing well, and its clear that Johnny’s time on the bench may extend into the start of next year. Hoyer isnt going to come back, but that doesnt mean much for his cards this year. Really unfortunate, because a lot of people are wondering if he can play or not. If the Browns drop off, he may get a shot, but its looking more and more unlikely by the day.

Im interested to see if I am way off on some of these awards, who are your Best of Huddle so far?

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