A Final Farewell: Putting a Bow on the 2014 Bunt Season

I didnt play Bunt all that much in 2013 or 2012, but I regret that now. 2014 Bunt reinvigorated my love for Baseball, and that is no joke. I became personally invested in the game again, something that was lost over the last few years. I watched more baseball this year than in the previous five, and I have this app to thank. Saying it was a fun ride is like saying its only slightly surprising that the Royals have made it this far.

Similarly, this site was born back in April as a fun way to stay engaged with the app and community, and I never imagined I would still be going at the end. Not only that, but also now in the trenches with Huddle for the second year in a row. I have Bunt to thank for that journey as well.

In all honesty, with the hours and hours of work that I have put into Bunt and this site over the last 8 months, it has all been worth it. New friends, new relationships, and a ton of great experiences – both good and bad.

Even though the app has had its issues, whether it was pack errors or customer interaction, I would do it all over again if I had the chance. The response from the community has made this all worth it, and I have definitely come to appreciate all the work that the developer team puts into this.

I remember back to April when I started writing on here. I wanted to provide a resource that many of the people were hungry for, and it was a great way to stay much more engaged. The community latched on, and here we are. I couldnt have done it without that support. I think we got really deep into the nuance of the app over the last few months, but I hope the rookie users who were still stopping in could find value in what I was writing. Either way, I encourage you all to continue making your own voice heard, as it is obvious that we make a difference. I dont want to be the only loud one in the crowd, haha!

A few people I want to thank:

  • Readers and Commenters- THANK YOU. Thank you so much. Love and hate, you guys have been the backbone of this site, and I would not have kept going if it werent for the wonderful letters and notes you guys have all taken so seriously. You guys are awesome, and I hope that this Bunt season was a tad bit easier with the articles many of you inspired with questions and feedback.
  • Twitter Crew – You guys made this year fun. I wouldnt have stuck around as long as I did without you guys. I want to name names, but I fear that I might forget someone. You guys were great.
  • Lee and Gary – thank you for your guidance and feedback, and the help too. You are some of the more selfless users I have come into contact with and it was a blast.
  • TOPPSCHRIS – Thank you for putting up with my constant badgering about the Twins cards that I thought would be awesome. Your willingness to lend your time for interviews and thoughts was greatly appreciated.
  • TOPPSIAN – I really have you to thank for the popularity I was able to attain, as your retweets got the word out to many more users than I ever could have reached on my own. Also, thank you for hearing us out on many of the large issues that came up in the app, I know its a 24/7 job, and though we can be feisty, its only because we care so much. Haters aside, you have really been great all things considered.
  • TOPPSMIKE – Thank you for the constant humor and definitely putting up with some colorful remarks when things went south. I know you likely still have some bridges that need repair, but I also know the difficulty it must take to take a community of thousands on your shoulders.
  • The Entire Topps Crew – Your support and encouragement for this site is something that means a lot to me. Even though we had a few rough patches, you all definitely deserve a lot more credit than you get.

I will continue to post Bunt content as it is warranted, so dont stop coming by if you arent interested in huddle. In fact, get on Huddle and Kick for that matter, as both are running some great features this year that you will love if you love Bunt.

Thank you again everyone, good luck tonight and lets finish strong!

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