Huddle Tip of the Day – Making Sense of Reward Boosts

If you are like me and have been chasing the black, purple, and now blue boosts, you are familiar with the allure of the reward card. A week after the set is put out, a limited reward card is delivered with extra boost and a large reward. I would actually say this is probably one of the best reasons to chase these cards, even more so than having the set available in your weekly points chase.

There are now three levels of reward cards when the first Pink 6x is released this week. With Orange at 5x and Sky Blue at 5.5x, things are starting to get confusing, I know. As of right now, in terms of availability and player selection, the Sky Blues have the best cards. They are also a bit more rare, but worth chasing down a few. Ones like Rodgers, Brady and Charles can be a beast, maybe to compiment the Orange Demarco Murray that might be one of the top cards in the game right now.

Some of the reward boosts can be had for a few purples, others are going to take a massive amount of firepower to secure. I wouldnt even bother chasing the throwdown reward boosts as you will not be able to pry them away from their owners. They are trophies from the competitions that are held Thursday and Monday, and they are some of those cards you just cant chase.

There are also two Orange boosts that had a few issues in the processing of the awards and were given out twice. The first is Calvin Johnson, which no one was upset about getting two of, and the second is Greg Olsen. These should be easier to obtain, and dont give up the house to get them.

Lastly, there is every reason to chase the new sets each week. I have already explained that you should be opening nothing but boost packs at this point, and you should trade those cards to get more boosts. Completing the set and getting 15k coins PLUS the reward is a huge deal. A HUGE DEAL. Do not pass this up.

The only drawback is not knowing the player ahead of time, but the cards are rare enough and valuable enough that it doesnt matter. If you get a player you dont want, you can always trade for more boosts or some really nice inserts. I have even seen sigs and top collection pieces traded for the reward boosts. They are that valuable sometimes.

Keep in mind, this game is what you make of it, and for someone like me, this has been quite the chase.

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