Throwdown Primer 11/3 – Breaking Down Tonight’s Game Only Boosts

Im excited for the game tonight, as I think we have two good teams that are both fighting for a playoff berth. Luck is quickly emerging as an Elite QB, and Manning is having one of his better seasons in the last few years. Interested to see how this plays out.

Here is an exclusive sneak peak at tonight’s game boosts and how they might factor in. Check back every week as the Huddle team has worked with the site to give you the goods on the Throwdowns before anyone else!

Andrew Luck – Colts 5x

Luck leads the league in Passing yards and is near the top in TD Passes as well. The colts have been playing well above their pay grade, mainly due to Luck being much more successful in the passing game. Although he can still turn the ball over, he hasnt had the issues he did last year. Its a winning combination against a Giants defense that is weak against the pass.

Verdict: Vital Piece

TY Hilton – Colts 5x

I labeled him as the surprise of the year, as he is already at 866 yards to start the season. Luck has a new favorite target, and I dont think anyone saw this coming with him ahead of both Demaryius Thomas and Antonio Brown in the AFC. He used to be a more of a guy who would be lethal in the middle of the field, but he has developed a crazy deep game to make himself more of a weapon.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Eli Manning – Giants 5x

Manning has had a much better season than many thought he would have, even more impressive with such a lackluster running game. The Colts are coming off a loss where Ben threw for over 500 yards, so Manning might be able to get some nice yardage and TDs. He has also had a few of those games where the line cant protect him and he throws picks. We will see which Manning shows up. I gave him the lowest grade I could think of during the first few Throwdowns, funny how things change.

Verdict: Worth picking up

Rueben Randle – Giants 5x

I think Randle is coming into his own as a top WR in the league, and has already taken the team lead from Cruz with the nasty injury sidelining him for the rest of the year. Manning either has a great game and Randle lights it up, or Manning has one of his bad games, and Randle will struggle. I think the Giants running game is not going to do him any favors in getting Manning more time, but he should have a nice performance against a Colts Defense who has struggled against speedy receivers.

Verdict: Worth picking up

Honorable Mentions

Odell Beckham Jr – Since returning from injury, he has played great. Could be a major factor tonight.

Ahmad Bradshaw – Surprising how many TDs he has this year, Im curious to see if he gets another against a defense that hasnt played huge against the rush.

Larry Donnell – Last time he played on national TV, he had the game of his life. Been quiet since then.

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