Throwdown Primer 11/13 – Breakdown of Tonight’s Game Boosts!

Another Thursday is upon us, which means its time for another round of Throwdown! This time, we have a pretty even game between the Bills and the Dolphins, and its clear that both teams desperately need to win this game to keep their playoff hopes in tact.

Sammy Watkins – Buffalo 7x

FINALLY, we get a new Sammy card, and boy are people going to be excited after he has lit it up these last few weeks. Watkins is easily a top candidate for ROY so far, and to think his only cards in the game right now are Golds and a few 1x inserts is insane! At 100 copies, this might be one of the more highly coveted game boosts that exist.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Kyle Orton – Buffalo 7x

No bigger surprise in the NFL right now than how well Orton has played, which is only more intriguing by his mock-retirment early in the year. Orton is another Buffalo player with no cards in the game, and this might be one of those cards that people will chase. He doesnt go nuts like Rodgers or Manning in points, but he could do well tonight.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Ryan Tannehill – Miami 7x

He has looked good this year, really good. His TD to Interception ratio is miles ahead of where it was at this point last year, and his Dolphins have already beaten some of the top teams. Considering that he has some talent around him, he may end up being the surprise of the 2012 class.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Lamar Miller – Miami 7x

Miller was a bit banged up, but has come around and should get the bulk of the carries tonight. Although he was thrust into the role with Moreno going down, he has performed well averaging 4.4 YPC and 8 TDs. Pretty solid stuff. He could have a big game against Buffalo if Tannehill plays well in front of him.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Honorable Mentions:

Mike Wallace – he isnt what he was in Pitt, but he is playing well enough this year to make an impact.

Robert Woods – Since Watkins’ arrival, Woods has taken a back seat, but his production is still up there.

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