Huddle Tip of the Day – Gearing Up for the Playoffs!

I hate to write this post. I hate that the NFL Season is coming to a close already. There are only a few weeks left, but you can get a head start before the majority of the users understand what is going on. If the post season in Bunt is any indication, there is going to be a big party for the playoffs, and this is your two minute warning.

The best thing to do right now is to consider the players that you know will likely be making a playoff push. This situation is especially so in trading for the higher boosts, as its clear that the teams who make it will be that much more valuable. You dont want to be the guy who is on the outside looking for a way in. Around week 16, people will start unloading their guys for teams who arent going to be playing, and if you get going now, you can be ahead.

There are two specific issues to be conscious of, and both are extremely important to consider. First, we can be confident that there will likely be HUGELY boosted cards coming into focus for the playoffs, as there were in Bunt. This doesnt mean your cards will be worthless, but the value will be diminished if it happens. The thing is, we dont know how much the boosts will be in play, so it could be that the 6x pink may still be near the top.

The second issue is that the post season chase will likely be separate from the regular season chase. This means that you might not want to handcuff your performance for weeks 11-17 just because you want to perform in the playoffs.

More consideration should be placed on the fact that more people will be playing along for the playoffs, because there arent as many games. This means that it will be harder to finish among the top players, as more people will be competing. On the other hand, a harder competitive balance only lends itself more to picking up the cards early on.

Here are the teams I would go hard into:

  • Cardinals: Ellington, Floyd, Fitzgerald
  • Patriots: Brady, Gronkowski, Edelman
  • Broncos: Manning, Dem Thomas, Julius Thomas
  • Packers: Rodgers, Lacy, Nelson, Cobb
  • Colts: Luck, Hilton, Wayne
  • Cowboys: Murray, Witten, Bryant

Stay ahead of the game, and you will see how easy it can be to pull things off.

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