Huddle Tip of the Day – What Are the Best Packs to Buy Now?

A month or so ago, I posted on my thoughts for what pack is the best bet for users to buy on a regular basis. Since that time, we have had a bit of a shift in game, with boosts becoming rightfully more rare, and ultra rare inserts coming around. I wanted to revisit the packs for each type of player.

Points Players

Best Packs: Blue Boost Pack
Cost: 12500 coins
Cards: 5
Odds: 40% SR 60% SCR
Best cards to chase: Rare Blue Boosts

Here is my suggestion on these packs, because you no longer have the luxury of being able to buy them at any point. You really have to be strategic, and I have pretty much got this down. Dont buy when they release the first card in a set. Buy right after the fourth/fifth card is released. The sets usually are released 4-5 days per week, with Breaks on Saturday and Sunday. Monday night boosts and thursday night boosts correspond to the teams in the game, which make them an even better buy for people playing for points.

Now, I get that its harder to pull the boosts now, but at the same token, its no longer 20k coins for 9.99. With the added coins to the bundle, you should be able to get a few more packs and if you open at the right time, you should be able to get one of the new cards per bundle. Because these cards are much more rare, you can trade them for some really nice higher level boosts. Dont hold onto your ultra rare Blue version of someone when you can get the Orange or Sky Blue version for cheaper. Set collectors will pay through the nose for the rare blues, and that means you should take advantage when you have them.


Best packs: Extra Point
Cost: 1000
Cards: 1
Odds: Normal Odds
Best cards to chase: Weekly Inserts

I cant believe I am writing this. I really cant, but the Cult of the Loosie has turned me. Basically, here is the situation. With each weekly insert, there is a growing contingent of people who go straight to the loosie 1 card + inserts pack that costs a measley 1000 coins per pack. Because odds are basically the same for the one card as they are for the 5 card, you can get more out of the loosie in SOME specific cases.

The prime time to open this pack is RIGHT after the newest weekly insert is released. DO NOT open this pack a long time afterwards. You want to ride the wave of people opening at the same time, as the wheel of cards will cycle faster back to the line of inserts. If you do it when nothing is new, it will literally be you cycling alone, and you will have to open pack after pack.

At 1000 a pop, you can open like 50 of them at a time with one bundle purchase. I have seen these packs go on runs, where every other card is an insert because so many people are opening like crazy. My only advice? If you open a loosie, open at least 10 in a row. If you hit an insert, open a few more at least.

Even if you dont chase the weekly inserts, the coin rewards are big enough that you can trade it for something you need. If you dont subscribe to this theory, I understand – I didnt either. I didnt get why people would voluntarily give up a 5th card every five packs (4 loosie packs for 4000 gets you 4 cards, the high five for 4000 gets you 5 cards), but after pulling close to 20 of the weekly inserts over the last few weeks, im sold.

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