Thanksgiving Comes a Bit Early – Sig Series Set Release!

I posted earlier this week on all the fun stuff that is likely going to be happening with the upcoming holiday(s), and looks like we are getting our first taste today. With the next four days clearly signaling one of the biggest weeks of football during the season, I am excited to see what happens.

Here is what we know:

  • There will be a signature series released every day (4 in total)
  • There will be a variant signature series released every day (4 in total)
  • If you collect all four, you will get the fifth card, which is Kaepernick
  • The fourth card in the set will also count towards Week 11-17 sig set, which will likely mean it could be a 100-150 count card. Im hoping they all remain at least 200.
  • The first card in the set is Mark Sanchez (200 count)

Guys, I am completely serious when I say that this is going to be big all week. If you only have so much money to spend, wait for them to release something you really want. If you are a bigger spender, start gearing up.


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