Thanksgiving Primer – Which Players Should Make Your Turkey Day Lineup?

Welcome to the Thunderdome! Today is a huge slate of divisional games with playoff implications in place, which means that we are in for a fun day of football. There are a lot of players that are primed to make an impact, many of which will likely be featured on cards today. Here are the ones I would chase to come out ahead in all the games.

Marshawn Lynch – Seattle

Over the last few games, Lynch has been embroiled in some controversy surrounding his media presence, but he hasnt let his foot off the gas pedal in terms of his playability in Huddle. As a Running Back against a tough defense, this might be his hardest game during that stretch, but he should still get some major looks. I like his potential to score some points tonight.

Calvin Johnson – Detroit

Im pretty sure the Bears defense is on the up and up, but they are still pretty terrible by every sense of the word. Look for Megatron to tear up their depleted secondary, and the recent release of his Sage boost will be a good card to chase.

Demarco Murray – Dallas

I have been stockpiling Murray boosts all year, and for one reason. Every game but one he has put up over 100 yards, and the Eagles defense is good but not great against the rush. I would highly expect some big things from Dallas tonight, and Murray will be a huge reason why they win.

Dez Bryant – Dallas

No one has been on a tear like Bryant has been over the last few weeks. He had 2 TDs to help the Cowboys roar back against New York, and he is going to torch the Eagles defense in a divisional game that first place will be up for grabs. The Eagles corners will not be able to stop him.

Jeremy Maclin – Philadelphia

Maclin has had a great season, and it should be no surprise that when he plays well the Eagles win. A lot of eyes will be on LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles, but look for Maclin to have the easiest time with the Cowboys’ secondary banged up after a brutal battle against the Giants.

Darren Sproles – Philadelphia

Here is the thing, the Cowboys linebackers havent been the train wreck that people expected. Rolando McClain is having a tremendous season, which no one can understand. This is going to mean a tougher run game for Philly, which will contribute to Sproles being in more on passing downs and special teams. This is the dude that Philly’s success hinges on.

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3 Responses to Thanksgiving Primer – Which Players Should Make Your Turkey Day Lineup?

  1. loftheb says:

    Any thoughts on how the /100 Thanksgiving inserts were released in a 20 minute window? Any thoughts on how those that chased those first sets of cards for 2 days, then spent more money on day 3, only to find out that the /100s were gone already kind of got screwed? Any thoughs on someone who spent $200 on coins in 3 days to complete the set had ZERO chance of pulling the cards unless they were sitting on the app for the entire HOLIDAY to wait for the percise time they were released? I know this isn’t the right forum for gripes, but I’ve sent messages via the message board, twitter AND Facebook, and there is absolutely no response. None. I’ve never heard from Ian, Marc or Mike. Ever. So, yeah. Thoughts?

  2. loftheb says:

    The /100s all sold out within 20 minutes. I didn’t know this, so I purchased my first 1,000,000 coin bundle. Opened up about a dozen packs, then looked around to see if anyone pulled the rare ones. They were all gone. All of them were sold out within 20 minutes of the release. Of course, I wouldn’t have dropped $100 on the million coin bundle that day had I known they were going to sell out. I also wouldn’t have dropped $70 in smaller bundles the two previous days to collect the first twenty had I known that the /100s would sell out like that. The worst part about all of this: no feedback or response in any way from Topps. Really has soured me on the whole program.

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