Huddle Tip of the Day – Is Any 2x Card Still Worth Keeping?

I wanted to address this, because there are a lot of big cards that have been released as of late, including one Andrew Luck that has a permanent 10x boost attached to it. Basically, I have seen a basic downturn of cards that score 2x and below, and I think its worth talking about here.

The bottom line is that the gold, silver, red, green and white cards are still worth keeping for a few reasons. Ill start with my take on a few of them, but I encourage you to let me know if I missed anything.

Points Chase

I will let everyone know that there is not a week that has passed where I havent played at least 1 silver card in my lineup. Even though I spend a ton of money, I dont have the collection yet that allows me to go weeks without dipping into the bucket of scarce base cards for the players who score points. Believe it or not, I do play gold cards frequently, especially on the nationally televised games, as there is a lot more reason to switch out those guys and go deeper into each player.

People have been basically giving away their silver and gold cards to get the boosts of all the players that have come out, and though there are reasons to do that, be cautious. If you have a collection score below 90, you are likely going to need those gold cards, especially when the playoffs start. Although the bigger boosts are definitely worth chasing, dont start giving away your gold – more so if you dont have 11 or more of each player.

Collecting Sets

Eventually, I have to believe more base cards will be released, and at the same time, so will more set rewards for collecting all the cards. Although this is still up in the air, and may not eventually happen, its worth the risk to keep at least one of every base card that you have in your collection. Dont start giving up mass quantities of base for nothing, as there is still a chance that they will provide an opportunity for more set rewards. You do not want to have to chase them down later if that is the case.


I still like the collecting aspect of the game, and I dont see Huddle moving away from that way of releasing cards any time soon. For that reason, I like keeping the inserts of my favorite sets, doubly so for the action shot inserts that have been released. Although top inserts like Rodgers and Lynch sig still have 1x boost, they are still extremely valuable cards because of what they represent.

To be completely honest, I see the game changing boosts frequently, even before the end of the season. However, that doesnt mean we should give up on everything else. Just a heads up from me to you.

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