Bunt Tip of the Day – How Important is the Die Cut Sig Set?

When you consider the program of Die Cut sigs that have been released since the end of the 2014 season, you really end up with a perfect storm. A really cool set, and a chase that is worth the investment that people are going to be making in it.

I mentioned in a previous post how much I love the look of these cards, and to add in a complete set of 2015 cards to go with it is a huge deal. Although details on the 2015 season are sparse, the promise of delivering that kind of reward adds a level of intrigue to the sig set that wasnt available before. We have never had a promise like this, and it begs a few questions.

Will the trickle of base card releases be over?

This was a relatively fun, yet somewhat controversial approach to 2014, where the players that were available on day 1 were only the beginning. Every few months, new cards would be released, and with Topps using designs from physical cards, that might be what needs to happen again. For reference, not every physical design is released at day one either, as the actual baseball cards take on an approach similar to what Bunt did. They release three main sets a year (Series 1, Series 2, and Update), all of which house cards that Bunt uses in their designs. Because the physical designs arent available, the Bunt cards have to wait.

So, if this chase promises a full Series 1 set, what does that really mean?

I believe that as the new base are released, the people will get their cards immediately. I think for this to work, that is really the only approach. All of Series 1 may be available from day one, which would make sense with this chase, but I would guess that they might slow play it similar to last year. Im interested to see how that plays out.

Does this mean all that much to the individuals who complete the set?

Yes and no. Lets face it here, if you have the resources to complete this set, you likely wont need that much help getting at least 200 copies of every card they release (IF THE GAME FORMAT STAYS THE SAME). Although I do see Bunt 2015 shaping up to be like Huddle 2014 and Kick 2014 with rarer base cards at the higher levels, the cards themselves may still end up pretty easy to come by.

Considering that the VIP Black Boosts will remain playable for 2015, I think those cards are likely going to be more of an example program to chase.

In other words, this does not make them stronger other than maybe week 1. After that, the free set is just trade bait, if delivered immediately upon release.

What does this mean for other chases?

I really like this idea, and I think it keeps these cards interesting above the level they would normally be at. I think adding larger rewards to sets makes the chase that much more important, and adds value to the economy. Its worth trying this again in another fashion.

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2 Responses to Bunt Tip of the Day – How Important is the Die Cut Sig Set?

  1. It specifically promises Base 1 only, not a full set.

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