Breaking Down My Favorite Huddle Cards of the Year (So Far)

I consider myself to be both a collector and a points player, mainly because of how fun it is to operate within both aspects of the game. I think that overall, this has been a great year of Huddle despite the major impact that the switch to head shots had on the game. To see that they have managed to keep things going the way they have, without losing too much steam in having to redesign the whole product plan is pretty impressive. Here are my favorite releases so far this year.

Signature Series Set


I will be the first to admit that I am a sig addict. Sign me up for meetings, because I love these cards. After seeing the original Lynch sig, I was so excited to see what may come down the pipeline, and I was extremely disappointed when things didnt continue they way they had started. That being said, the release of the sig each week has been an event, and I have chased down every last one of them, including the Murray at 50 copies. The design remains one of the best in the game, even without action shots available.

Golden Moments Set


In Bunt, I was relatively unimpressed with the GM set, as the checklist got a bit weirder every week. In Huddle, because the available choices are so much more limited, it has almost forced them to use the best moments from active players along the way. More importantly, the design remains one of the best I have seen in any of the games so far, with a metallic gold approach to highlight the more fun moments.

2014 Rookie Set


Even though this set was all rookies, the design was the best of any weekly insert set to date. One could argue that Allen and Ginter was better, but that was a port over from Baseball physical designs. The Rookie set was all Huddle, and it looks stunningly awesome. I love the approach of the set, and the checklist has some guys that definitely deserve a card that hadnt gotten one to date.

Street Set


Remember NFL and NBA street from the old Playstation days? I do, as it was very much like NBA Jam, and was great multi-player. Well, that’s how I picture the reaction to this set, as it functions in a very similar presentation. I think Huddle needs to experiment more with the way the player pictures are used, and this is the best one so far. You either love it or you hate it, and this is one I think looks really cool with the graffiti on brick look.

Thanksgiving Set


Last year’s set was one of the first in Huddle, and looked great then too. This year’s cards are much more simple, but in the same token, much better looking due to that simplicity. At 5x, these cards were a bit too common for what they should have been, but I liked the design enough that it made up for it a bit.

Valor VIP Gold Boost Set


Ahhh yes, this is where its really at. This was a release in physical cards that was transferred over, and boy does it work well. I loved the design there as well, and this is a continuation of that look. Although this would have been amazing with action shots, it looks tremendous with head shots too.

Inception Set


Of all the cards from this year, Inception was definitely one I wish had more time to develop. They were given basically one day before the AS cards were switched, so they had to release 3 at once. I believe this was supposed to be a larger set, and that makes me bummed out. Maybe they can revisit and complete some of the checklist, as the painted style filter will still work with head shots.

Bowman Rookie Set


Like Inception, this was one of the last action shot sets of the year that got to be completed. It may have also been the reason the switch over was accelerated. Either way, this was also a physical card set design they transferred, and the gold reward Bridgewater card is easily one of my favorite in my collection.

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1 Response to Breaking Down My Favorite Huddle Cards of the Year (So Far)

  1. ToddUncommon says:

    I have a soft spot for the Zombie Apocalypse cards. Topical to Halloween, nice little 2.7x boosts in their own right, and a nifty crossover set / event with BUNT to earn the award card. Not too hard to put together, but not too easy either. The Election Day insert set was similarly fun, but that one was just a little too easy to put together to feel like it was still a challenge.

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