Huddle Tip of the Day – Ranking Weekly Inserts

A lot of people have reached out to me lately about how to really get ahead in the game with the playoffs coming up. Its not easy to make up ground lost by missing the first few weeks of the season, but if you are really looking to make the most of your coins, here is how I would approach the week.

PRO TIP: As soon as the card is released, open the 1k one card pack that also has weekly inserts. Early in the season, rumors were started that these packs had amazing pull rates. I doubt that it was true, but it inspired a group of people to religiously start opening these packs. Any time a large group of people opens a pack together, pulls increase. Now, it has become the best way to get inserts in the game.

Monday Night Series

Release Date: Monday
Best Pack to Pull: 1k Loosie + Super Rare
Ease to Collect: Medium
Boost: 3x
Count: 350
Trade for: Other boosts and inserts
Reward: 10k for each card

Monday night cards are always a treat, because you can get some interesting player choices that will help you in the game for that night. Outside of that, its all about the coin reward, and maximizing your profit. These have a higher count like rising stars, but the player choice can be even lower in value because of how many cards are available with each throwdown. Usually the players are either defense or DEEP cuts into the roster. This means get your coins and get out.

Players of the Week

Release Date: Tuesday/Wednesday (per NFL announcement)
Best Pack to Pull: 1k Loosie + Super Rare
Ease to Collect: Easy
Boost: 3x
Counts: 200-350 per card
Trade for: Other boosts, other inserts
Reward: 50k for the set

You really have to get lucky here, because Topps Huddle does not choose the players, the NFL does. Once the NFL announcement is made, they will produce the cards, and that’s when you should start opening. Wait until the article is posted, and go immediately to the 1k super rare pack that delivers 1 card. In 20k coins, you should be able to pull 2 or 3 of these cards, if not more. These cards should be traded as fast as you can, as they drop in value with each passing day. Do not chase the set if you have minimal coins, trade them to people who want the set. They will give up some boosts that you can use to score more points, or inserts that you can keep for your collection.

Fan’s Choice

Release Date: Tuesday/Wednesday
Best Pack to Pull: All packs
Ease to Collect: Easy
Boost: 3x
Counts: Unlimited per 6 week timeframe
Trade for: Nice base players and minor boosts/inserts
Reward: None

These cards tend to be extremely less valuable than the other inserts because they are so easy to pull. Its not that they are harder than any other card, just that they never sell out during the six week period and have no reward.

Golden Moments

Release Date: Thursday
Best Pack to Pull: 1k Loosie + Super Rare
Ease to Collect: Hard
Boost: 3x
Count: 100-300
Trade for: Nice boosts and inserts
Reward: 30k

To think that you can get 30k coins and a 5x boost for pulling these is awesome. Pulling them is harder with a lower count similar to EC, but man they go for a ton. You can trade these immediately for some really nice cards if you find the right person, and that is a big reason why its a good idea to chase these. Player selection is top because you have to be good to achieve a moment worthy of this card. Look at the checklist and you will see the level of player included.

Signature Series

Release Date: Friday
Best Pack to Pull: Signature Pack
Ease to Collect: Hardest
Boost: 4x
Count: Varies
Trade for: Top boosts and inserts
Reward: 15k

Let me start out by saying that the sigs are high risk and high reward. If you can pull the sig, you can trade it right away for a KING’s ransom. If you dont, you will likely be left with pretty undesirable base cards. It can take hundreds of thousands of coins to pull the nicest sigs, and that is a price too high to pay for most users. However, weekly inserts are usually available in the packs, but all are usually sold out save the recent release of Golden Moments.

Rising Stars

Release Date: Saturday
Best Pack to Pull: 1k Loosie + Super Rare
Ease to Collect: Easy
Boost: 3x
Count: 350-500
Trade for: Other boosts and inserts
Reward: 15k for each card

These cards can be really nice to pull because the count is high and the reward is high as well. Being that the card count is higher, you can easily trade them for other coin cards, which will net you more buying power within the market. These dont trade as well as some of the other cards, mainly because player choice can be tough with rookies and sophomores being the subjects for the set. Again, play your cards right, pull a few and trade for other boosts and inserts as soon as you can.

Editor’s Choice

Release Date: Sunday
Best Pack to Pull: 1k Loosie + Super Rare
Ease to Collect: Hard
Boost: 5x
Count: 200 (as of recent releases)
Trade for: Nice Boosts and Nice inserts
Reward: 20k

Here is the thing, there are only a few of these out there, which is much different than POTW with 4 cards all more than 200. You will have to open likely 20-50k worth of packs to get one, but it will come. At 5x and 200 copies, you can trade these cards for a lot depending on the player. CJ Anderson last week is a VERY coveted card that I have seen go for a ton. He has no other cards, so that adds to the allure. With EC cards, Huddle will choose players that are high point scorers without many cards, or big name guys. I would be shocked if anyone but Manziel is it this week, which will be huge.

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