Huddle Tip of the Day – Valuing the 5x Best of Huddle Cards

I love competing for points, so much so that I probably wouldnt be half as active in trading and coming back to the app as often as I do. One of the rewards for playing for points is the Best of Huddle cards, which have become QUITE the valuable commodity within the trade economy as of late due to increased boosts.

Its actually pretty awesome that this has happened the way it has, because you couldnt GIVE these cards away in Bunt during the whole season. In Huddle, the team has found a way to truly reward players for top production, and that is a very good thing.

See, the good thing about best of huddle is that every time you get one of the cards, you get a top player. This is because the six of them each week are always going to be good point scorers or big names, as the scrubs RARELY A) have cards to qualify for BoH, and B) play well enough to get into the consideration.

You can see how getting a 5x boost of a top player is going to get people’s attention, which means that there is going to be some value in acquiring these cards on a regular basis. There are three ways that the cards have value, and I want to walk through them.


The lower the rarity, the better value the card has. This week’s Black card awarded to the top 10 players for the week was AJ Green. Some of the black and gold (top 25 finish) cards can now be traded for top boosts and other really nice inserts.


Adding a big name to the rarity compounds the value of each card. So, Demarco Murray on the Maroon (top 100 finish) this week, makes that card something worthy of a chase.


There are a lot of team collectors in huddle (including myself), which means that getting a Green Bay player is a big enough deal than getting a Titans player for example. This can be a huge value add for a team like the Steelers, but it can also detract value too.

Because it can be so hard to tell which players are going to be which level, its almost a crap shoot to see which card you will receive for what level. Its odd, because you have a player like Julio Jones set the franchise record with over 200 yards and a TD not get Black.

Bottom line is that BoH is a great way to give us a reason to play along and pay attention through the week, and I love that I can now trade the cards if necessary to put together a better team to score even higher. A lot of people sentimentally keep them as trophies, which is valid, but I have found they are well worth giving away when you can get back what I have.

As always, the choice is yours!

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1 Response to Huddle Tip of the Day – Valuing the 5x Best of Huddle Cards

  1. Davon says:

    I’ve always wondered do you get any sort of reward for collecting all 16 weeks of any color BOH like right now I have all purples week 1-16 I just traded a Jason Pierre Paul blue BOH week 15 for week 12 purple I was missing so I’m hoping the answer is yes

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