12 Days of Huddle and Bunt – WOW.

If you have been reading this site for a while, you know how much I love sig cards. As an autograph collector in my physical collection, it only makes sense that I am enamored with sigs as much as I am. To hear that Bunt and Huddle are running holiday programs all involved with signature cards? Amazing. I am beyond excited.

For Bunt, it will be 12 days of Dual Signature cards, which I assume will be pretty big. Because they have the ability to use retired players in releases, they have a lot more flexibility to make this work very well. The first release is a Dual Sig of Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas, which I am sure Ian had a lot to do with. With 11 more on the way, I cant wait to see where we get to go.


Huddle is taking a bit of a different approach, but I have every reason to be extremely pumped up. Each day they will release a special holiday sig and a signature variant, starting with my main man Teddy Bridgewater as the initial release. There will be a holiday Triple Sig and variant for collecting all 12, and you know that card is going to be pretty low.


Although I have heard complaints over how much it will take to get all 12 cards, I stand by how cool this program is for us sig collectors. If you are not a sig collector, Im sure there will be plenty for you to chase over the next few weeks. With the playoffs ramping up in huddle, and Bunt going all out on retired guys, you know that this will not be the end. There have been major shakeups during the MLB Winter Meetings, and some amazing storylines in the NFL that should get some attention too.

Let me stress that you dont have to pull every card to enjoy the program. 12 is a lot, and there is no rule saying you cant have fun with just one of the cards. That’s the beauty of sigs, not only do they have value as part of the set, but also as a single. Last year’s program was half of what this is, and the cards lost value very quickly when it was over. Attaching sigs to the set is a big way to keep these intact for the whole year.

Cant wait to see what they checklist looks like for each.

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