TOPPSMIKE Confirms New Team Member for 2015 Bunt

I mentioned last week that I had heard Bunt was going to be bringing on a new team member to help TOPPSMIKE and the app stay ahead of the curve. I commented how much the App Producers go through to make things run smoothly, and how much help another set of hands can be.

Well, I decided it was worth reaching out to them and Mike was very kind to respond with a statement that fuels a bit of my question posed in the title of this post.

First, here is his response:

“As we saw countless numbers of teams made big moves at this week’s annual Winter Meetings. Topps was no different in making a key acquisition of our own. We’re happy to be bringing on another member to add to our small, yet dedicated, BUNT Team. This person, who is a well-known and beloved member of BUNT Nation, will join myself, TOPPSCHRIS, TOPPSIAN and the rest of our staff in creating and maintaining the absolute best baseball trading card app there is. In addition to simply working alongside us, we’re confident that this person will take the group’s knowledge of baseball, the app and most importantly, the community, to new heights and we’re very excited to be expanding our team.

While I’ve said time and time again that it’s the passion of our fans that keeps our fire burning to come up with the latest and greatest card ideas, designs and concepts, producing at the level BUNT Nation has come to expect from us was simply unsustainable long-term given the size of our current staff. This addition will free up some members of our team to concentrate on making the app better in other areas, making us more well-rounded as a whole. This is an investment by our company in that very same passion our fans give to us on a daily basis, and a way to help us surpass even the highest of expectations, which are self-imposed.

Because of legal issues pertaining to this person’s current employment, we’re not at liberty to identify them at this time. But this person will be working closely with myself and TOPPSCHRIS in the coming weeks to become a fully functional member of the team, something BUNT Nation should be very excited about for the future of our great app.”

Im really curious to see who it is, no doubt.  I have heard rumblings from some outside contacts that it is someone that many of the Bunt users should know, which only makes this more intriguing. Ill definitely follow up with Mike to get more information on the new guy, and as soon as details are made public, Ill post them immediately.

Either way, this looks like it should be a very positive thing for Bunt, considering that they have obviously recognized the importance of serving the community.

Thank you to TOPPSMIKE for his response!

NOTE: It is not me – got a few funny responses thinking that was the case.

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