Huddle Tip of the Day – Participating in Throwdown Formats

Since the beginning of the season, Huddle has instituted a format that I have become absolutely enthralled with. Instead of competing in a week long chase for the top spot, Throwdown becomes a way for users to compete in a one day league, akin to the new rage created by a bunch of different new Fantasy Football sites. Although there is a cost to play, there are reasons why it can be more profitable than playing in the week long chase. If you can do both, even better.

Each nationally televised game on Thursday and Monday have a throwdown attached, so be ready around 12pm to see what is going on with each game.

Understanding the Format

Each throwdown has three tiers. Gold costs 25k coins and is the high rollers bracket for lack of a better term. It also has the biggest prize. Silver costs 5k, and offers coin rewards, as does Bronze at 500 coins.

My advice is to play according to your collection strength. Unless you have the card collection to score over 100k-150k points in one night, DO NOT PLAY GOLD. It took over 175k points to finish top five last night. There are no coin rewards for finishing in the top 10 or top 100, and to get in the top 5, you have to have a collection that is among the best in the game (in terms of boosts and top point scoring cards).

Silver is still HIGHLY competitive, because unlike Gold, the coin rewards extend into the top 100 to get a nice return on your buy in. Because 100 people rarely play this bracket, its a no brainer to try if you have the coins. To get the really nice payout, you have to finish top 5 though, which is tough without scoring at least 100k points for the night.

Bronze is much easier to have success in, but because the buy in is so cheap, it gets a lot of players who are like “meh, why not?” Finishing in the top 10 can be a feat, but at 500 coins for a ticket, its not like you are losing your house.

As the article mentions, do not buy more than one ticket, and the last one you buy is the tier you will be competing in. You cannot compete in more than one tier. You also DO NOT need to play the ticket in your starting lineup to be considered for the prize.

Live standings can be found when you click on the little flag at the bottom, and then select leaderboard from the top menu that says “fan feed.” If you go all the way to the right, you can see where you are finishing.

Strategy to Win

In the top two tiers, it helps tremendously to chase down as many game boosts as you can. Now that they have switched to 9x, they have become even more valuable than they already were. In a pinch, go after the RBs and the WRs first, as the QBs can still be outscored pretty easily by the people they throw to. On a long TD, the gold WR will outscore the high boost QBs, from what my understanding is.

Once you have your cards, set your lineup at least an hour before the game starts, this is very important. I usually pick my 5-6 best cards from each team and load them in, with a focus on RBs and QBs that I know will be the people that get points on the first drive. RBs will get the first play of the game 75% of the time, so take that into consideration, and it will save you some VERY valuable plays.

To win you will have to play along with the game live. There is no other way around it. Huddle functions on NFL API stream, which is about 2 plays behind live. This means you can wait for the play to happen before substituting guys. Do not make instant switches or you will likely miss out on points. Wait for the points to accumulate and then make the switch.

If you have a ton of cards for the top point scorers, make sure to use your plays wisely. On plays less than 5 yards, you might want to consider skipping the switch unless you dont have many cards you are going to play live. All long plays should start with your WRs being loaded in, prior to loading in your QBs. Make sure to switch out guys on all turnovers – interceptions for QBs and Fumbles for everyone.

Future Strategy

I always play two weeks in advance in trading for teams in the throwdown. The day before and day of, everyone will be scrambling to get cards for their lineup, so you dont want to have to overpay.

I would chase the cards in this order:

  • WR – Top potential for point scorers in any single game, interchangable with RB depending on talent level
  • RB – RB carries across the league have reduced, unless your name starts with D and ends with emarco Murray. More RB by committee means less points for backs. Guys like Charles and Bell catch passes too, which makes them more important.
  • QB – These cards can be good to fill holes if you cant fill your lineup with WR or RBs
  • TE – Depends on the guy, as we know Gronk and Jimmy Graham can still catch a huge amount of passes.

Chase your cards like a fantasy owner would. Who has the most potential to get A) a ton of yards and B) score TDs.

If you have any more questions on Throwdown formats, let me know.

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