Throwdown Primer 12/15 – Breaking Down Tonight’s Game Boosts

Wow – if you havent seen the article as of late, I would advise you go check it out, as the GO boosts have been changed to a 9x to 4x format for the first time. This will greatly impact performance tonight – which is a big change from previous weeks.

Here are some thoughts on how the Game Boosts will play out.

Drew Brees – SAINTS 9x

Brees has had a down year, and its no stretch to see how that has impacted the Saints so far. Its been a struggle for them, but when you play Chicago, whose secondary consists of cardboard cutouts of people that used to play defensive back for the Bears, you know this is going to be a night to right the ship. The NFC south is a joke, and even though the Saints are under 500, they have a legit shot to still make the playoffs. Insane.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Mark Ingram – SAINTS 9x

Ingram has had his ups and downs this year, and this is his chance to have another big game. The Bears have been gashed for huge yardage in the past, and Ingram could be a prime candidate to take home a large number of points tonight. Bears are not playing well on defense, as you have probably seen.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Alshon Jeffrey – BEARS 9x

With Brandon Marshall out for the year, Jeffrey is the only guy worth throwing to any more. The Saints will put their best guy on him, but he could still have a huge game because he there arent many options save Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Matt Forte – BEARS 9x

With the Saints playing as poorly as they have, Forte could shoulder more of the burden if the Bears can get out ahead fast. He is responsible for a big percentage of the Bears offense, and has a unique ability to almost play as a WR as well as a RB. That means big Huddle points for him. The Saints can also dedicate resources to bottle him up, but they might have their hands full in the defensive backfield and it wont matter.

Verdict: Vital Piece

Honorable Mention:

Kenny Stills – With the Bears secondary being so terrible, Stills could have a tremendous opportunity tonight. All about how well Brees can play.

Martellus Bennett – Over the last few games, he has been a bright spot. Im interested to see if he continues to play well.

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