Throwdown Primer 12/18 – Breaking Down Tonight’s Game Boosts

Well, I just dont know how to describe this game. Some how, some way, the NFL thought it was a good idea to put these two teams up against each other for the final Thursday night of the year, and I am pretty baffled why that is the case. Alas, here we are, and that means another throwdown!

Bishop Sankey – TEN 9x

Of all the game boosts, I think that this one might end up being the star of the show, as the Titans’ QB situation is not going to lend itself well to a great passing game. That means added pressure on the running game, and Sankey should see the bulk of that pressure. Hopefully he gets in for a TD or two.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Kendall Wright – TEN 9x

Although he is coming off a broken hand, he should play. He is the one receiver that Tennessee has that is likely to get more than one big play under his belt, but like I mentioned above, the QB situation is about as bad as it gets. Not Texans bad, but bad.

Verdict: Low Priority

Blake Bortles – JAX 9x

Celebrate Jags fans! Bortles is no longer leading the league in INTs thanks to Jay Cutler, but that is still not the best situation to be in as a rookie QB for a horrible team. Bortles has shown the ability to put up some scores, which could play well tonight in what seems to be potential for a high scoring shootout.

Verdict: Low Priority

Allen Hurns – JAX 9x

I dont think Allen Hurns’ dad thought his son was even going to get the looks he has had this year, and that says a lot about what Hurns was capable of as an UDFA that signed during the off season. With Justin Blackmon taking a turn for the worse, Hurns is a guy that has stepped up. The one other thing going for him is that he has no other cards in the game.

Verdict: Worth Picking Up

Honorable Mention:

Nate Washington – It is shocking to think that the Titans have played two nationally televised games. Its worth noting that last time around, Washington had a long TD.

Cecil Shorts III – One of my picks for best name in the NFL, and Shorts is coming off his best game. Interesting to see what he can do against a horrible Titans secondary.

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