Playoff Primer: Who Do You Need on Your Team? – PART 1

With the playoff spots all but wrapped up, and the seeding just about complete, we now have a clear enough picture to see where the cards will fall on the post season. If you are a points player like me, and looking to stock up (which you should have already started by now), here are the players you should load up on.

Demarco Murray – DAL

Best points card: Sage Boost (75)
Potential: HUGE

Murray has been a beast all year long, even when he had a broken hand healing from surgery. The Cowboys’ O Line is just too good, and he has reaped the rewards. Dallas will likely have a wild card weekend game to play, which means that you should get an extra few points if you have a bunch of him. I was worried there for a minute that the Cowboys wouldnt make the playoffs but man, Indy did not show up at all. The Cowboys look about as unbeatable as ever, which means that Murray should go deep in the playoffs.

Dez Bryant – DAL

Best points card: Sage Boost (150)
Potential: HUGE

Like Murray, Dez is having one of the best seasons of his career. He is easily the best or second best WR around, and Romo is playing lights out. That combination will make defensive coordinators have heart palpatations, and if he gets going, look out.

Andrew Luck – IND

Best points card: Camo Boost (23)
Potential: GOOD

Here is the thing. The Colts are a good team. They are. Luck is a big reason why that is the case. However, they have no running game at all, and Luck has the tendency to throw picks in situations where the running game doesnt play well. He could easily lay an egg, but you never know. I would still have a bunch ready in case he goes off for 5 TDs.

TY Hilton – IND

Best Points Card: VIP Sig (50)
Potential: GOOD

I like Hilton a lot, but he has a hamstring issue that could limit production severely. The thing is, he doesnt have a ton of cards that score at 5x or better, and that makes for an interesting situation in trying to acquire his cards. The BoH cards are likely the best ones to chase.

Tom Brady – NE

Best Points Card: Rainbow Boost (4)
Potential: GREAT

New England didnt look all that good against the Jets, but they still got the win and a first round bye. Although you will have to sit on these cards for a week, it is a very good idea to stock up on old “Tom Terrific.” He will be a big part of the reason if the Pats make it back to the Super Bowl, and you know he is going to do everything in his power to ensure that he gets one more shot at that ring. This could be the last year.

Rob Gronkowski – NE

Best Points card: Sky Blue Boost (190)
Potential: HUGE

Gronk has been a monster points player this year, even with injuries slowing him down. When he is healthy the Pats win, and that is no joke. He averages a TD a game, and catches a lot of balls along the way. Its a recipe that everyone wants, so do your part to stock up now.

Peyton Manning – DEN

Best Points Card: Crimson Boost (23)
Potential: GOOD

This is a tough player to handicap because he is playing at less than 100%. He has looked very human the last few weeks, and the Broncos are relying more on the running game than ever. Lucky for him, they will likely secure the bye tonight, and he will have another week to rest.

CJ Anderson – DEN

Best Points Card: Sage Boost (100)
Potential: GREAT

If there is one surprise this year not named Odell, Anderson is the guy. He has put up monster numbers since Denver realized they dont need to throw 50 times a game, and that is a great thing for huddle. The issue is that he does not have a lot of cards, and that is a major situation you will have to deal with. The best cards to chase are the Gypsy Queen insert, and EC insert if you cant afford the massive price on the sage.

Aaron Rodgers – GB

Best Points Card: Rainbow Boost (6)
Potential: HUGE

I love what Rodgers has done this year, as it is beyond impressive considering he plays in one of the best divisions in football. I hate what he has done because he beat my Vikings twice along the way. If the Packers secure the bye, even better, but its clear that he will be a valuable part of your lineup if not. His 3x cards and higher are READILY available, so it shouldnt be tough to pick up a bunch of Gridiron Greats at the least.

Jordy Nelson – GB

Best Points Card: Sage Boost (150)
Potential: GREAT

Nelson is near the top of every potential category a WR can be at the top of. He greatly benefits playing with the best quarterback in the league, but I digress. This guy is going to put up numbers, but he may be targeted as a threat, which means he could be taken out of the game with double and triple teams. Its happened before, but the Packers have used Lacy and Cobb instead. I would stock up on everyone you can.

A lot of guys to chase down, even more when the playoff cards eventually hit the sheet in a week or two. These boost cards will likely be dwarfed by playoff releases, but those cards wont be easy to acquire en masse during the short timeframe before the game is available. You will want to get your shopping done now so you dont have to deal with the rush come Wild Card weekend.

Part 2 with the rest of the teams coming soon!

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