Gridiron Unwrapped – Breaking Down the First Playoff Cards of the Year!


Forget the holidays – NFL Playoffs are SO MUCH better. We got our first batch of playoff cards yesterday, and I want to take an opportunity to break them down. The cards look awesome, and its looking like Huddle is breaking out the big guns for the post season.

Playoff Set Release


Man do these cards look boss. When you compare them to last year’s cards, which were a bit cartoony in the design, these look like a freaking Ferrari. Although it looks like there will only be 3 per team if the release schedule is spread out from the article, its going to be a fun chase when they look as good as they do. At 8x, they will be tough pulls, but it also allows for two things I am very happy about.

First, regular season cards will still matter, as the 8x will not nerf those higher boosts to the point of not playing them. With only 3 per team, plus the 2 GO boosts that I am guessing will come for every game, its not to the point where YOU MUST have these cards to win anything. In Bunt that was almost entirely the case, and I am glad that isnt the direction for huddle.

Secondly, there are no count limits on these cards, which means the value will be ever decreasing to acquire the set and the Million coins that come with it. If you consider that there are 32 cards, and I am likely not opening any other type of pack for the rest of the season, it shouldnt be impossible to get the ones you need.

WORDS OF WARNING: Right now, these are hard to pull. There are only 6 cards, and the odds are definitely not in your favor. However, as more are released today and for the rest of the week, there will be an easier time to get them.

Changling Boost Card


This is a really cool idea, but one that isnt as functional as the playoff set release. Its a card that from what I understand will only be playable in the Super Bowl at 20x, and it will shift players as the game goes on.

For that reason, I would advise to wait before trying your hand at these packs. Its very tough odds, and trade value is the only reason to pull it now vs later. If you are acquiring the card, there will likely be much more worth your time over the next few weeks. I would hold off.

Despite its lack of functionality at the moment, it looks really cool and will likely be a very coveted card come the big game.

Gold 1/1s


Now this is my kind of set. I have been advocating for Superfractor set cards since day one, and this is the Huddle version of those cards. Each team gets a 1/1 and they are easily going to be the most insane chases in the history of the base cards.

The first batch sold out in MAYBE 10 minutes, which shows the type of demand for these cards, and I assure you all, they are worth trying to pull at 10x if you are a team collector.

I can only imagine what I will have to give up if I want to chase down the Vikings ones.

Advice to Free to Play Players

If you are not someone that pays to play, it is in your best interested to look very closely at where you want to spend your coins. Releases will be non-stop over the next few weeks, and you will have to choose between being a points player and a collector. If you want to participate in the throwdowns that will be attached to the playoff games, find the packs that give you the best chance. Dont waste coins on ones that have impossible odds, instead try to maximize your buys.

Hell, I would give the same advice to everyone else too!

Good luck to all in the Huddle Bowl – I will be playing alongside you in all aspects of the playoffs.

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