Special Announcement: Huddle Bracket O’ Rejects Information

If you havent already seen the official postseason format from the recent post in the news feed, its definitely worth your time. Basically – the 32 team champs, plus the top 32 will all be going against each other in a special bracket to determine the winner of the 2014 Huddle Season.

To help everyone have a chance to be included, last year’s Huddle Bowl runner up and 2012 Huddle Bowl winner Addemsubtractem will be hosting his annual “Reject Bowl” for 64 non-qualifiers to play along too. Adam is an encyclopedia of Huddle knowledge, and is graciously hosting this opportunity for the masses, and I really think its a fun idea.

Here are the official details:


The playoffs for HUDDLE Bowl are right around the corner, and Topps has promised tons of ways for everyone to compete, and earn coins, cards, and awards. Sounds fun!

For those of you who did not make the cut for HUDDLE Bowl, and want to be included in a playoff, you can still compete in the 2nd Annual ADDEM’S BRACKET O’ REJECTS. What is it? Think NCAA basketball tournament – 64 FANs competing in head to head matchups. The FAN that scores the most points in HUDDLE during the matchup advances, while the other is eliminated. The first 64 to sign-up are in (so long as they are not eligible for HUDDLE Bowl), and the seeding is completely random.

There will be 2 eliminations during the Wild-Card Round – one after the Saturday games on January 3rd and one after the Sunday games on January 4th. There will also be double eliminations during the Divisional Round – one after the Saturday games on January 10th and one after the Sunday games on January 11th. From there, the final two pairs will battle it out during the Conference Championship Round and the winners will meet in a head to head matchup during the Super Bowl.

Essentially, the Reject Tourney is a chance for those who did not make the HUDDLE Bowl tournament to continue to compete. And, the winner will be crowned King Reject, just like last year’s winner, HARRISF21. Also, just like last year, there may be prizes awarded to the winner from ADDEMSUBTRACTEM.

If you want to sign-up, either send a 1-1 message to ADDEMSUBTRACTEM or let him know on Twitter @AddemSubtractum before it’s too late. Later this week, the pairings will be revealed on Twitter.

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