Huddle Tip: Impact of Playoff Clarifications Article

When I saw the playoff FAQ and clarifications article hit the feed, I was immediately intrigued by the answers we were going to receive from the team. If you had been in the articles this week, questions were prominently featured in user discussion. With Huddle being so good at being abundantly clear with every release, it was odd to have so many questions among the users for once.

First off, its great to see that the recognized that users had questions and took the time to clarify everything. Every point they made in the text was just as important as the next, especially when it came to the 36 Playoff Series Cards and the new Playoff Series Conference Championship cards. To see that they have separate rewards for both sets is like an elephant taken off the collective chest of the individuals who completed the original chase.

Secondly, I think it bears a good sign for the playoffs that there will be so many chases that will all have their own type of reward. Not only does it add an element of collection to a game that is all about the boosts, but the coin rewards are ginormous. Bottom line, if you spend the time to chase, you will get your worth in return.

The separation of the awards for the playoff series also adds significant value to the conference championship cards, as more people will be happy to start that set knowing they wont have to backtrack and get the previous 36 releases.

I am a fan when the team steps up and takes ownership of this aspect of the game. Although they have been relatively absent in face time, they do want to make sure everyone understands clearly what is going down. That is a very good thing.

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1 Response to Huddle Tip: Impact of Playoff Clarifications Article

  1. woodyc22 says:

    One thing I wished they continued was the Golden Moments set and Editiors Choice sets into the playoffs, such as the year end awards for both are great with Peyton GM X15 and Romo EC X15 (despite both already out of the playoffs) but they should have made it an optional set award to continue into the play offs. It weird to say but I’m kinda sad that there is no more reason to continue to collect them aside than the coins. Hopefully they make an additional card award for the season+playoffs set collectors

    Thanks for your always interesting articles,

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