Huddle Tip – Non Scoring Cards and Value During the Playoffs

Right now, things are all sorts of crazy as people ramp up for the biggest game of the year. That means that all Seahawks and Patriots are suddenly 500 times more valuable than any other card in the game. However, a word of warning should still be offered, as there is no reason to cannibalize your collection in the name of points if you dont want to.

We all know that it is very likely that 2014 cards will not score next year. You just cant have people walking into a season with a collection full of 15x boosts. It would literally remove any and all new players immediately, and that cant happen. It also would hurt sales in the initial part of the year, so that’s not going to happen either. Bottom line, these next two weeks will be the only remaining time that boosts matter.

There is still a very collectible nature to all the playoff cards, especially the sigs, as they should spike in value back to normal means once the game is over. When no boosts matter any more, every card reverts back to its collection value.

With the recent release of the die cut pro-bowl cards, we can see that there will continue to be a focus on providing high coin reward to incite people to keep buying packs. Im all for it, especially if the sets will eventually be more easy to come by later on. Collections are built, not made, and it seems like there are a lot of people who are forgetting that in the name of the last scoring opportunity of the year.

I have said numerous times that once the next season of Huddle starts, the previous year’s cards will lose most, if not all of their value. There is one saving grace of that situation, as rarity is still a big deal to many users out there. If you were around at the beginning of the season, you saw what happened. All those readily available inserts became interchangeable, and new cards were playing at a premium. There were still some very rare sigs and inserts that remained on lockdown, however.

When Bunt 2015 launches in a few months, pay CLOSE attention to what happens. For the first time, the new cards and their design will likely match the look and feel from the previous year, which could help maintain value overall. If the cards all look relatively similar, it wont matter as much if they cant score for collectors out there. For points players it will be a different story, but that’s for a different article.

Here is my advice.  Come February 2nd, there will be a rude awakening for a lot of players who wish they hadnt done what most are doing right now. Although there will be residual value for cards that are still rare, most will not be as valuable as they once were. If you have any inkling of a collector mentality in your approach, save your nice cards. Use your coins to stock up on playoff cards you need, but dont trade your nice sigs for points cards just because they are boosted 15x.

On the other hand, if you are not a collector, the advice changes a bit. Remind yourself that there is a LOOONNNNG offseason approaching fast, and I would hate to see people dump the game because of it. Hopefully some will start to adopt enough of a collection based approach that it wont be so big of a drop off when the big game is done.

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