Huddle Tip of the Day: Pre-Super Bowl Tasks For Each Type of Player

The next few weeks are actually pretty important, despite leading up to only one game. It just so happens that this game is the final scoring opportunity of the year, and the coin purse can be about as rich as its going to get. Never has one game been so important – even if you are not the final two people left in the Huddle Bowl playoffs.

I also realize not everyone is living for the moment, so lets dive a bit deeper into some of the to-do lists for each style of player.

Points Players

Pack to Open: Playoff Pack
When to Open: After any playoff release
Top cards to chase: Conference Championship 12x

If you are a person who is within the top 100 of the leaderboard, this next two weeks will be more impactful to your overall potential than you would think. You will have to fight the crowd for the Seahawks and Patriots cards that everyone is chasing, and its going to be a fight. Remember, unless you are within the top 25, you wont need to get every one of the 15x boosts to compete. Shoot for the 8x Playoff Series cards which are becoming more and more plentiful by the day.

With everyone trying to chase down the main points cards, you can actually make up a lot of ground by trading high scoring Conference Championship Cards for other cards which have high boosts but are not part of that set. Having a ton of 8x-10x cards in trade for a 12x Lynch or Brady isnt a bad thing at all.

I would also highly suggest trying to complete the 3 sets (Base, Conf Championship, POTG) if you have the means to do so. By getting both the complete playoff series set and conference championship set, you will earn 4 million coins, and if the award is delivered before the game, you will have a huge opportunity to buy packs before the game to stock up on everything you traded away to complete the set in the first place. Even if the set award is delivered after the game (which I dont think will be the case), its worth the risk.

Here are my targets in order of my prediction on play in the Super Bowl:

  1. Marshawn Lynch
  2. Rob Gronkowski
  3. Tom Brady
  4. Julian Edelman
  5. Russell Wilson
  6. Doug Baldwin

100. Legarrette Blount

Seriously, Bill Belichick is not the kind of coach that will ride the hot hand, especially when he knows the Seattle rush defense is as stout as it is. Brady will shoulder most if not all of the burden, especially with Sherman and Thomas banged up on the other end. There is no reason to hand the ball to a guy that will likely average 1.2 yards per carry. Dont be swayed by Blount’s performance in the NFC title game.

Lastly, we saw that the game boosts are steadily increasing with each round. That means that your 12x Conference Championship boost may be dwarfed by the time the Super Bowl rolls around. Keep that in mind as you trade, as guys on my list above may get the GO Boost treatment, and that could impact your collection. If you traded away all your good cards for players that will be GO Boosts, you are not going to have the same success.  It will leave you with cards everyone has, and none that fewer people are without. Just be careful.


Pack to Open: Signature Packs and Playoff Packs
When to Open: After any playoff release
Top cards to chase: Playoff Sigs and Boost Sigs

Is there any doubt that the playoff sig sets are anything but some of the coolest cards of the year? I think that Huddle has made them collectable for both points players and collectors alike, and as a sig collector, its like the golden age right now.

That being said, its not a bad idea to buy playoff packs either, and for good reason. As mentioned above, the sets pay out a ton of coins, which will come in handy in opening up some of the post Super-Bowl packs for Champions cards, award winners and stuff like that. Might as well get some extra funds while you can.

If you open playoff packs and are not a points player, the playoff cards are coveted for their boosts, so you can trade the better ones for some really nice cards. As a collector, that leverage rarely exists this way in Huddle, so take advantage while you can. There are so many active inserts in the playoff packs where card counts dont matter, so you wont have to worry about not pulling anything for your coins. I have seen sigs get tossed around while people get going on their lineups for the game, which means they are literally doing the work for you. They spend the coins on the packs with TOUGH odds, and you pull cards that are easy odds and trade for the big sigs. Boom.

Let me reinforce that the ease in which I just explained the strategy is not the ease in which it will be executed. You will have to work on the feed to find the right people to trade with, they will NOT be knocking down your door. However, there are likely a ton of collector based things on the radar, and you want to be prepped.

Free to Play Players

Pack to Open: Playoff Packs
When to Open: After any playoff release
Top cards to chase: Any Seahawks and Patriots Players

This time of year is not friendly to the F2P community, as there are a ton of cards, but are all very expensive to obtain. If you are a collector and not a points player, I am trading every live card for collection pieces or taking these few weeks off. There is no reason to torture yourself like this. That being said, once the Super Bowl is over, you will be able to get nice cards for a fraction of the value they are right now, so patience will prove valuable.

For the F2P Points players, dont get caught up in the sigs and other high odds releases. Time your pack opening to right after new cards hit, and start opening NOTHING but playoff packs. Even if you are opening 1 per week with the coins from daily bonuses, or coin cards, its still worth your time. There are over 50 inserts live in that pack, and if you time it just right, the pack should be hot.

Now, if you pull a top card, its not in your best interest to have a tent pole. Trade it for as many big playoff boosts as you can. Diversification will help you MUCH more in the points chase than having one card that scores a ton. Stay away from tempting releases of other sigs and stuff like that, as it is NOT going to be worth your coins. Follow some of the advice I mentioned above if it is that important to you to get the bigger cards.

To finish in the top 100 will net you many more coins than you got previously, so its in your best interest to make the jump to a points player. You can easily make top 100 with a few nice boosts for the best players. Many of the top points players are well past the 4x blues or even the 5x other cards. They should be willing to give them up if you can offer some playoff cards they have. Again, diversification is key, trust me. Dont just focus on Russell Wilson or Tom Brady either, as we saw that no one player is devoid of the potential to choke.

NOTE: I have been in the top 10 each week for the last 5 weeks, and I still play gold cards. Just an FYI, Golds are still playable.

As mentioned before, this is one crazy time for Huddle. More players will be watching and playing along than ever, and it is a chase unlike any other. Be prepared to play to your strengths in each type of player you are, and you will come out fine. Let me know if you have any questions, and I will do my best to help.

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1 Response to Huddle Tip of the Day: Pre-Super Bowl Tasks For Each Type of Player

  1. JGRABEN says:

    you are DEAD on in everyone of your tips! BTW – Thanks for ALL the checklist you put together, i have referenced them time and time again in the past few weeks, It BLOWS my mind that they don’t have the Chase (Rewards) Sets Checklist EASILY accessible on the game. Keep up the GREAT work on the Site!

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