Bunt Unwrapped: Breaking Down My Favorite Inserts Released During the Offseason

As we progress through the offseason, Bunt has continued releasing cards and giving people a reason to stay on board with the app. Many of them have been VERY cool, and here are some thoughts on my favorites so far.

Topps Portraits


Cards: 10
Lowest Count: 150 (Multiple)
Collectability: Strong

These are my favorite by far, and its not even a competition. The silhouetted player in the background with the player photo up front is a really cool way to make these cards. From what I saw, there were a lot of people who loved these cards too, and even now they are harder to track down than I expected.

Topps Steel


Cards: 10
Lowest Count: 300 (Trout)
Value: Good

I really like the way these cards look with the silver background and the chrome style presentation. The players on the checklist are similarly nice, and overall I think this is a simple set with a fun theme.

Topps Street


Cards: 10
Lowest Count: TBD
Collectability: Strong

This is a port over from Huddle, which was a favorite of mine as well. With the ability to use full action shots along with the cool street design, its a winner.

History Makers


Cards: 10
Lowest Count: 200 (Multiple)
Collectability: Good

I not only like the design of this set, but also the theme. Using legends in their best moments is always something I am more than willing to chase. The fact that the cards look great with the banner on the left, makes it more of a nice design.

Topps Finest


Cards: 10
Lowest Count: TBD
Collectability: Strong+

Finest was popular when it was released in physical form, and it is popular in Bunt too. This has been a drawn out release, which makes it more attractive to collect for people that joined into the chase late.

Topps Limited


Cards: 10
Lowest Count: TBD
Collectability: Extreme

Limited first made its debut in Huddle around the middle of the year and it was crazy popular. The cards are so rare that every team and player collector needed to get their guy and FAST. Bunt is taking that on, and the cards look awesome. I am a big fan of this set. Making them only available to their Jersey number creates a scramble unlike any other. With Baseball numbers usually being between 1 and 60, that’s not many of these cards.

Topps Hi-Tek


Cards: 9
Lowest Count: 75 (Hernandez)
Collectability: Strong

When this was released in the physical format, it was a surprise blockbuster hit. In Bunt, it definitely went the same direction. Because the physical cards were acetate, it had to be redesigned. The team did a great job making it desirable.

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3 Responses to Bunt Unwrapped: Breaking Down My Favorite Inserts Released During the Offseason

  1. damon levy says:

    I love how you weave in your perspective from the physical cards.

    I totally agree on the Portrait cards. I am not really chasing sets but I will try to collect these.

    I think Kick was the debut for Street cards. This is my favorite set across all of the platforms.

    I also liked the Hi-Tek cards — they had that wow factor for me.

  2. Tom says:

    Agree with your assessments – the just-completed die-cut Logos cards were also sharp, I thought.

    One quick correction on your article – the lowest-count cards in Portraits were actually 150, with several cards given this final count. It was a headache trying to find them all.

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