2015 Bunt Preview – The New Season is On the Way!


Last year on Super Bowl Sunday, we got a preview of the newly restructured Bunt build for 2014, the one that has now been the basis for all three of Topps’ digital apps. This year, Bunt released the first images of the 2015 cards, and there are a few things definitely worth discussing here.

From what we can see in the picture, the base design will mirror the design for 2015 Topps Baseball, which is releasing in physical form tomorrow. This is not a suprise at all. What is kind of a surprise is that it looks like Bunt will follow a similar base structure as it did in 2014. We can see there are still five levels of cards, with indicators by color and dots on the right hand side of the design.

This means that from the first look, Bunt may not be as different as it was 2013 to 2014 as it is 2014 to 2015. Although I am sure there will be more changes coming that we cant infer from a single picture, but I find comfort in the fact that there wont be a COMPLETE overhaul. I have seen Topps post on Twitter that the app’s look and feel may change a bit, but it wont be a brand new interface that everyone will have to relearn. Obviously that could change, but again, this isnt a bad thing.

As for the look, I am a fan. The cards have a cool and modern presentation to them, without being odd or ugly. It doesnt present as much of an opportunity to build those stark color changes between the different levels of rarity, but its not so subtle that you wont be able to tell which is which. I also like that they went with dots instead of those little squares that look like pieces of candy.

I think there are a few things I am interested to find out after seeing these cards:

  • Are the boosts going to remain the same at 2x (SR), 1.7x (SCR), 1.5x(R), 1.2x(UC), 1x (C), or will there be more changes? I think that with the release of a 3x boost that will score in 2015, we can assume this will be the case.
  • Will the play structure change? Are we still going to play nine cards, or will there be something different?
  • How many cards will be available at launch? Will it be a slow release of Series 1 or will they release Series 1 as a whole, and drop Series 2 when the physical cards are released?
  • Is this only part of the picture? Will there be more levels of boosts we arent seeing?

A few things to remember:

  • They have already said that Bunt will not go full boost like Huddle – so dont worry
  • 2014 cards will not score unless previously designated in the article
  • Your 2014 cards will not disappear with the new build

Either way, I am getting more excited by the day to see what 2015 is all about. Ill have more info here as it is released, so keep checking back!

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