2015 Bunt Ramp Up: Play Structure Predictions

We know 2015 Bunt play structure is going to be VERY different. With 2014 focused almost entirely on pitchers and how they performed, im guessing the new season will find a way to make hitters more relevant. The question surrounding the launch of the new build is focused on what the new structure will look like and how it is going to work. Here are some of my predictions.

Theory 1 – Fantasy Sports, Expert Edition

I have always said that the easiest way to get hitters more involved is to require a user to play them over a pitcher. The only way to do that is to require a more fantasy style lineup where each position must be played at all times.

Many people would see this as a drastic departure from the previous situation, but I think that there is a way to incorporate Bunt 2014 into this style of play. Basically, let players stack cards on top of each position so that multipliers can be applied. For instance, you have to play AT LEAST one card at each position at all times, but you can switch out as many times as you want, and you can stack X number of cards on top of each position as long as the player name is the same.

This would ensure that hitters remain valuable, and that you can STILL get some big bonuses for playing multiple copies at a time. It would also make defense much more involved in scoring, and it would allow for people who dont have the MLB.COM package to still play along and not fall as far behind.

Theory 2 – Batting Order and Pitching Rotation

Like the above situation, this style of play would be very different from 2014. Basically have two separate lineups where users can play cards. One would be their “Batting Order” where they could play up to 9 cards of hitters only. The second would be the pitching rotation, where they could play 5 cards of starting pitchers and relievers only.

Similar to last year, switches would be a very big part of the game, but it would allow hitters to be much more relevant and valuable. It would also take some major fast fingers to make this happen well, as you would basically be switching double time compared to last year. Could get taxing.

Theory 3 – Set it and Forget It

This would take most of the fun out of Bunt’s hopping gameplay, and that is why I doubt it will happen. Basically, give players a very limited and constrained lineup, but use powerups and other types of cards to make the lineup more interesting. For instance, you can only switch out your guys at the beginning of each day, up until the start of the games, but the power ups can be moved around to help you guard against a melt down.

Theory 4 – League Play

I believe that league play will be a big part of 2015 Bunt, but it will incorporate a new type of gameplay to make it more interesting as well. This theory is more of a catch all to explain that it is going to be more of a community based leaderboard structure, rather than a one leaderboard for all.

In all likelihood, you will be able to create friendly leagues to really compete with your buddies, similar to the friends ranking on last year’s Bunt. I would guess there will be ways to wager and win prizes for best league and stuff like that as well.

Similarly, the throwdown structure is all but guaranteed to return, so get ready to stock up for Sunday Nights likely.

On Twitter and Q&A, both TOPPSIAN and TOPPSMIKE said that play would be very different this year, and I am quite excited to see what they can do. The limits of the app are being pushed, from what I can tell, and that is always a good thing.

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