2015 Bunt Ramp Up: Saving, Buying, and Spending Your Coins

I have been getting a few people reaching out about the way the offseason will transfer into the new build of Bunt for 2015, and I wanted to offer some thoughts. The main focus of the questions are focused on coin usage and carryover, and it is definitely worth discussing the strategy.

Buying Coins

Im going to start with buying coins because it is something that some of the users are unfamiliar with, or at least unfamiliar with the strategy. There is strategy too, as you dont want to spend too much money when you dont have to.

First off, in case you didnt see, Bunt offered the 100k bundle of coins for $9.99 yesterday, which is literally the best deal they offer. If I had to wager, more deals will be offered in a similar capacity leading up to the launch of the 2015 update. Once the season begins, there is no guarantee that they will offer sales until the initial tidal wave slows down.

Secondly, it is ALWAYS better to buy coins in bulk than to buy in for small amounts. The reason I say this is because you not only get more for your money, but it forces you to plan out your spending more appropriately. When you follow the micro purchase model, you literally give them more money for what you get, and trust me, I know what that is like.

During the offseason months, I am going to guess it will be much easier to get into the VIP program than it would be once the season starts. The reason I say that is because with fewer people buying coins right now, the median spend is lower, which MIGHT contribute to a lower threshold on the tiers of VIP. I dont know for sure, but that is my guess. Also, with VIP coin payouts being provided to you leading up to the launch, it puts you in a great position for the next part of my post.

Saving Coins

Right now, its hard to be in save mode because the first scoring cards of 2015 were released. They look cool, and have a nice checklist, but its something that I would be very cautious of dumping your coins into, unless you have a ton to spare.

Bottom line, the base will be released within the next 4 weeks, and you want to be prepped to go full speed. Its going to take a minimum of 200-300k to really build a mildly competitive team regardless of the point structure, unless you are someone that wants to spend a ton of time on the trade boards. You will have to do that anyways, but you dont want to make it more difficult than it has to be.

With a payout of 15k coins per week just from daily bonuses, you can easily rack up about 50-60k just from checking in every day. That’s not bad.  If you have been saving all offseason like I recommended in November, you probably have quite a stash by now.

Spending Coins

Right now, I have a very specific rule with spending coins. Unless it is a card I REALLY like for what it is, im not spending any coins from this point forward. Even though the spring fever cards are tempting, they are 1x cards that could be relatively worthless in gameplay depending on how the structure is revealed. There is also no guarantee they will stay 1x, but for now, we have to take it at face value.

What I would do is check the cards from Spring Fever against the checklist from Topps Baseball Series 1 and see if they will have a base card that will be released in the first wave. Because we know the base cards will have a progressive boost like last year, 1x will likely equate to a common. Now, if that person does not have a base card in series 1, the spring fever card might be a rare playable card for that player until they get a base in Series 2. IF they get a base in Series 2!

Creating that mentality within your spending will help guard against impulse purchases. You want to make sure that you have the proper firepower to really get into things come the beginning of April. You will not be able to do that unless you save.

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