Toppsmike Previews Easter Egg In 2015 Bunt Launch?


Today, April 1st, is a big day.

As everyone saw from TOPPSMIKE yesterday, looks like today might be the launch for 2015 Bunt. Although there is no set timeframe for the go live, he did promise that there would be an easter egg in the first batch of launch packs that are live on the site – one that I WOULD BE VERY INTERESTED IN.

From what the word on the street is, there are some special cards that were created for all the different people he converses with on twitter. He told me that my card would be a Joe Mauer base, that when flipped over, it would have my twitter / bunt handle on the back of the card when it is flipped over. Obviously I am honored, but sadly he also said that it would be a variant that ONLY has 5 copies!

Here is where I need your help. Make sure you check the back of your cards pulled during the first few hours, as I am sure this card will sell out fast. It will not look different than the other base, so you will have to flip it over to see if you pulled any of the 10 variant players created for the users involved in the easter egg.

I was not given a list of players, but I am sure that they will not be easy to find. If you open a pack, and flip over the first card, you can actually see the backs as you sort through all the cards in the pack. If you see a twitter handle on the back, that’s one of five copies of that variant!

Additionally, not everyone might be aware of the situation off the bat, so make sure to target these cards in your original trades if you see someone that has them. To view their card sheet with the back of the cards showing, just swipe left, and all the backs will be visible at once. In thumbnail form, the twitter handle should be a little black squiggle on the back right corner. Having these cards will be high value in trades, and you can stay ahead of the game!

I am offering a reward for the first person to send me a pic of a Twitter Variant card – as I will give your choice of any non-sig insert I have, or your choice of 10 2015 Base when they are live. If you pull my card, PLEASE let me know. I will offer any amount of my cards for that variant.

To be clear, this was supposed to be a surprise for the rest of the users who are not included, but Mike said I could tell my readers to help me in my search. Remember, open your packs and flip the cards, and you wont miss the variants.

However, if you do happen to miss it, your variant will show up as a second card of that same player on your sheet. So instead of having just one white Joe Mauer card, you will have two visible, with one being a variant. Normally, you would just get a little 2 over the card to show you have dupes. This will show up as a different version.

Thanks again everyone, and good luck on your hunt!

NOTE: Looks like the secret is out – Happy April Fools everyone!

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3 Responses to Toppsmike Previews Easter Egg In 2015 Bunt Launch?

  1. Kohn says:

    Nice try. You had me going for a second haha.

  2. Vroom14 says:

    Same here haha. Good one.

  3. MTHRILL22 says:

    Yep. You got me. After-the-fact, but you still got me. I just freaked out (before finishing the article) because I had traded some 2015 singles already for some 2014 inserts (and I hadn’t check the “backs”!) LOL. Good one.

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