Dark Side Alert: Watch Out for ‘Hide the Gold”

I really hate writing these posts because I think these types of things are so low that even a Sith Lord likely wouldnt try it. This game is brand new, and has a lot of new players that may not be familiar with the lowlifes who will come out of the woodwork. These people will aim to take advantage of people’s lack of information. Here is the only way I know to combat this situation – educating people on what to look for.

Today’s subject is a trend that started with Bunt, and continued with Huddle. Basically, offering a marginally valuable card in a trade for a 8 common cards plus one very valuable card hidden in the offer. Because some people will not review every card in the offer, they expect you to JUMP all over a lopsided trade in your favor, without seeing that you are giving up a great card in the mix.


Because the gold parallels blend in well, it can be hard to spot them in the offered trade unless you are diligent with your review. In bunt, this was common with the black boosts, that looked very much like the white commons when in thumbnail form. Many people lost some of the more valuable cards in the game that way.

Here is a great way to think about things. If its too good to be true, its too good to be true. There is no way someone would offer you any marginally valuable card for a bunch of commons. The moment you see that, perk up your ears and start your investigation. If you see them trying to pull this scam, report the user, add them to your ignore list, and move on.

Protecting yourself with education is the best you can do.

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